Monday, 31 December 2007

SunDay Outing

I was sleeping this morning when Ma woke me up and asked whether I wanted to follow Pa to go and see his American officemate-Uncle Game Osborne at Mitaka.Well,well,well..who said I didn't want to go huh??
After met Uncle Game,we went to Kichijoji,Ma & Pa's favorite shopping place.
Pa & I,with stomachs full of "Mentaiko" Spaghetti and Fish Burgers.
These dolls became popular after I took picture with them(*^-^*)But I think those people were just interested in me,not the dolls:P
Long boots for Auntie Lina
Cheap sale!You can get a pair of boots for less than 2,000yen!
Shoes anyone??Actually Ma is a "temporary-retired-shoes-maniac" and I think you must ask Pa for the reason:P
Pa & Skechers

Nintendo Fan(^-^)

These are my games collection and all of them are the Nintendo's(^-^)
This is my first game so called the Nintendo GameBoy Advance SP.I could still remember Pa bought it some where in KL when I was 4 years old.Since then I started to love games and became one of Nintendo lovers too!
This is Nintendo DS(stands for Double Screen)and I bought it on 2/1/2007 by using my own pocket money(^-^).They're also good because I could play with those characters I like most such as the Pokemon,Kabutomushi,Naruto and others.
This is Nintendo's latest product,Wii.All of them are interesting and nice,but so far Ma likes Fit very much as it could give her encouragement in losing weight too.Ghee!
Well,all play and no work also makes "IQ" a dull boy!!These are what Ma bought for me at Kinokuniya Book Store today-a compilation of Grade 1's workbooks,Kanji lesson and "KyuKyu Card".
Aisehh..nampak gaya kena pulun la lepas ni..huhuhu..

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Yattane KOBU.KURO(^-^)/

Congratulations to Japan band-KOBUKURO-for gaining the Japan Best Record Award & Golden Award,with their popular song-TSUBOMI-

I started to know TSUBOMI or "Flower Bud" early this year from a Japanese drama called "Tokyo Tower-Boku to Okang,Tokidoki Otong-"("Tokyo Tower-Me and Ma,Sometimes Pa-").Since then,the more I heard the song,the more I started to love it until Ma decided to adopt the drama's title as my blog's title too(^-^).

What made me most passionate about this song was the lyrics which were very touching and as far as I'm concerned,the song was composed in remembrance of a guy's(he's one of KOBUKURO's members) Mother's love,even though he had lost her for almost 12 years.How great a Mother's love huh!

And tonight,I was so glad to hear that TSUBOMI won the Japan Best Record Award & Golden Award during the 49th Japan Music Award.
I'm proud of you guys & keep up the good work(*^-^*)

Enjoy the song(^-^)/

Translation lyric
Lyrics : Kobuchi Kentaro
Composition : Kobuchi Kentaro

Just like crying, in the middle of a smile smeared with perspiration
No one can be recognised
That's why i don't know about your tears
Its still burning, lighting up my heart
I received from you the tender light, proof of unconditional love
While being enveloped by the gentle spot under the sun, i whisper into your back
Even if a day like this comes again
Surely, surely, surely, you would be able to understand

Vanishing and blooming, this year too the flower bud is waiting for me
The petal dancing in the wind that my palm can't grasp
Stops on the shoulder lightly
Skillfully riding it and showing a smile, i remember you by myself

In the valley of buildings, sometimes buried dreams bud too
Isn't that what makes flowers bloom? you can't choose where your dreams will blossom
The silhouettes we dropped on this town, they're all looking for the light
Even as time overlaps and flows over itself
Surely, surely, surely the day we grow out of this will come

On the breezeless track, the beautiful sky of may feels blue and lonely
The motionless scattered clouds will always be floating
There is no place i can return to anymore
This is the way i am, in the whispering wind it dances to the ground with a flash,my tears

Almost scattering, the re-opening petals are like you
Giving time and again to these hands that grasp at the silent encouragements

Ganishing and blooming, this year too the flower bud is waiting for me
Even now i still can't catch the dreams you painted
Stopping right beside me
Opening gracefully just like a smile, i keep looking for the flower bud,in the sky

Friday, 28 December 2007

Jumaat Terakhir 2007

Demi masa....

1 hari=24 jam
1 tahun=12 bulan=52 minggu=365 hari=8760 jam=525600 minit=31536000 detik

Distribusi normal manusia meninggal dunia (tahun)
< 60 tahun ; > 70 tahun
60 tahun-70 tahun => 65 tahun

Kebanyakan manusia meninggal dunia antara usia 60 tahun-70 tahun (majoriti) Puratanya manusia meninggal ± 65 tahun
"Baligh: Start untuk seseorang di perhitungkan amal baik atau buruknya selama hidup di dunia"
Laki-laki Baligh ± 15 tahun
Wanita Baligh ± 12 tahun
Usia Yang ada untuk kita beribadah kepada-Nya, puratanya:
Mati - Baligh = Baki Usia ; ~ 65-15=50 tahun

50 tahun digunakan untuk apa?
50 tahun=18250 hari=458000 jam
12 jam siang hari + 12 jam malam hari = 24 jam satu hari satu malam

Gambaran kasarnya:
Waktu kita tidur ±8 jam/hari ;
Dalam 50 tahun waktu yang habis dipakai tidur 18250 harix8 jam=146000 jam=16 tahun 7 bulan; dibulatkan jadi 17 tahun

Alangkah sayangnya waktu 17 tahun habis digunakan untuk tidur,padahal kita akan tertidur dari dunia untuk selamanya..

Waktu aktiviti kita di siang hari ±12 jam
Dalam 50 tahun waktu yang habis dipakai untuk aktiviti:
18250 harix12 jam=219000 jam=25 tahun

Aktiviti disiang hari: Ada yang bekerja,ada yang bercinta,ada yang belajar atau mengajar,ada yang sekolah atau kuliah,ada yang makan sambil jalan-jalan,dan banyak lagi.

Waktu rehat ±4 jam
Dalam 50 tahun waktu yang dipakai untuk rehat 18250 harix4 jam=73000 jam=8 tahun
Rehat: menonton tv, atau mungkin dihabiskan termenung di buai khayalan....

17 tahun+25 tahun+8 tahun=50 tahun

Lalu bila masa kita nak beribadah???

Firman Allah yang bermaksud;
"Tidak Ku ciptakan jin dan manusia melainkan untuk beribadah kepadaKu".
Maut datang menjemput tak pernah bersahut,Malaikat datang menuntut untuk merenggut,Manusia tak kuasa untuk berkata-kata,Allah Maha Kuasa atas syurga dan Neraka,Terimalah habuanmu seadanya..

Memang benar!!!
Menuntut ilmu itu ibadah,kalau niatnya untuk ibadah,tetapi kebanyakannya belajar agar mudah mencari pekerjaan.Sekiranya belajar itu tidak membantu menambah pendapatan kita,kita tidak akan belajar...

Memang benar!!!
Bekerja cari nafkah itu ibadah,tapi bekerja yang bagaimana?Ramai orang bekerja untuk hidup bermewah-mewahan dan amat kurang sedekahnya.

"Jarang ada yang menolak untuk dipuji dan dipuja tatkala berjaya".

Lalu bila masa kita nak beribadah???

Oh!mungkin solat 5 waktu itu dianggap sudah mencukupi,kerana kita fikir,solat wajib besar pahalanya,solat amalan pertama yang dihisab,solat jalan untuk membuka pintu syurga...

Benarkah solat kita itu mencukupi dan diterima !!?
Berapa banyak solat kita dalam 50 tahun???
1 solat=± 10 minit;5 kali solat=± 1 jam
Dalam waktu 50 tahun waktu yang terpakai utk solat =18250 harixI jam=18250 jam=2 tahun

Waktu yang kita manfaatkan dalam 50 tahun di dunia cuma 2 tahun untuk solat( ini kalau yg solat 10minit! Kalau solat macam ayam patuk tanah..amacam?)
2 tahun dari 50 tahun kesempatan kita....itupun belum tentu solat kita bermakna berpahala dan di terima.
Dan sekiranya pahala solat kita selama 2 tahun tidak sebanding dengan perbuatan dosa-dosa kita selama 50 tahun;dalam percakapan kita yang selalu dusta,baik yang sengaja ataupun tidak,dalam pertuturan kita yang sering mengguris hati orang tua kita,dalam harta kekayaan kita yang selalu kedekut terhadap orang faqir, dalam setiap perbuatan kita yang selalu bergelumang dosa...

Bukan satu yang mustahil kita umat akhir zaman akan berhamburan di neraka untuk mendapatkan balasan kelalaian...
Terlalu banyak masa yang terbuang percuma selama manusia hidup di dunia dan semuanya itu akan menjadi bencana..

Tiada kata terlambat walaupun waktu berlalu cepat,isilah ia dengan sesuatu yang bermanfaat.Ingatlah negeri kita...Akhirat!

P/S:Bukan suatu paksaan untuk disebarluaskan,bahkan saling mengingatkan sesama bukanlah hal binasa.

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Congratulations My Everdearest Sists.

Today is a special day for my cousin sisters,Kak Long Syud & Along Tieya(both of them are my "Alongs").

First,it's all about Kak Long Syud,my eldest cousin sister.
Today's Kak Long's 25th birthday..(did I say "25"??) sist!
♪HaPpY BiRtHdAy To YoU...HaPpY BiRtHdAy To YoU...HaPpY BiRtHdAy DeAr KaK LoNg..HaPpY BiRtHdAy To YoU!!♪
May Allah bless you always & all the best for you future endeavours(*^-^*)
A birthday cake for you Kak Long!!

Secondly,big congrates to Along Tieya,my 6th cousin sister,on her success(^-^)/
Today's a big day for Along coz she managed to get 8As in her PMR examination.I'm proud and happy for you Along(*^-^*)Keep up the good work & gambattekudasaine!
And here goes a present from me...kenang daku dalam doamu!

X'mas,Cake & Friend

Christmas in Japan is a bit different from other countries.Since the major religion in Japan is Buddhism and Shinto,so Christmas is more to commercial event.Even the main celebration revolves around Christmas eve and not Christmas day.

In Japan,it is common to give Christmas presents.Within the family,parents give presents to their children,but the children do not give presents to the parents,in remembrance of the existence of Santa Claus.But I don't celebrate Christmas and eventually Pa & Ma didn't prepare for me special presents or cakes.

But someone very nice came to our house on Christmas and brought for me a present and cake.
Yes,it was Biyou,Ma's colleague from Taiwan.I like her very much because she always care for me and on that night she accompanied me to play Wii too!
And the best part was candle blowing..hehe..lucky me for being a child huh?!

Anyway,belated Merry X'mas to those celebrating and A Happy New Year to all(^-^)/

P/S:Alhamdulillah!Ma managed to finish on her thesis writing on this day and submitted to her Prof. for proof reading.

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Thesis Mode Activated

Wowowoooo..calm down guys!
The word "thesis" is absolutely not suitable for a young man like me huh!ghee..
And of course,it's not about me at all but something to do with Ma :P
This is what Ma's been doing since April this year.
And now she's at this level..
..which sometimes might lead her to this situation too!..
due to this @ idea killers,
she'll act like this
and feeling of doing this gets stronger every single day!
Aarghhh!she can't even do this...somebody,oxygen please!
But never mind with that..
coz Ma too could join me & Pa to be like this very soon!


Friday, 21 December 2007

Jumaat Ke-2 Terakhir 2007

Hadis Riwayat At-Thabrani:
"Setiap sesuatu yang tidak termasuk mengingati Allah,ia merupakan permainan yang sia-sia kecuali empat perkara;seorang lelaki berjalan di antara dua tujuan (untuk memanah),melatih berkuda,bermesraan dengan keluarga dan mengajarinya berenang."

P/S:Hmmm..bermesra dengan keluarga sudah...berenang pon sudah...bila pulak Ma & Pa nak hantar aku berlatih kuda & memanah ye??o(^-^)o

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Happy Eid ul-Adha

This morning after salam with Ma,I went to school as usual and Pa left home at 7:30am heading for his office in Kamiya-cho.And Ma,being alone at home,she started on her thesis writing,although to tell you the truth,her head was thinking of bringing me to the other M'sian friend's residential here in Tokyo to celebrate Eid ul-Adha!ghee..I know're trying to show me the meaning of "hari raya" celebration to a Japan raised kid like me right?(*^-^*)

Well,at last after I came back from school at 2pm,me & Ma decided to go to Auntie Yan's place,where we also met Auntie Ros & family there too,without Pa who attended another year end party conducted by the Bank.

Know what made Ma so excited to go to Auntie Yan's?haha..because of her favourite laksa which both Aunties @ "Mak Buyungs" cooked!Nahh..believe me that was not her actual reason for going.Actually it's been a while since I last saw the other M'sians,and I really missed my language speakers..huhuhuhu..but still I couldn't speak a proper Malay when talking to sad!

Arisa Rena,Auntie Yan & I
Auntie Ros,Damia-chan & Uncle Usop
Ma's favourite laksa(^-^)/

Thanks to Auntie Yan,Uncle Jishin & Arisa-chan.
Gochisousamadeshita m(_ _)m..
Not forgotten,many thanks to Auntie Ros too,for her delicious rendang ayam nogori,sambal kacang & nasi himpit(*^-^*)oishikattayo!

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Tomorrow is "Raya"!

Kepada semua keluarga tersayang dan sanak-saudara di Perlis & Johor,serta semua umat Islam tak kira di mana jua anda berada,
Selamat Hari Raya Korban dan Maaf Zahir & Batin dari kami sekeluarga,dengan ucapan makan ketupat tu ingat-ingatlah kami diperantauan ni.

Well,Hari Raya Korban means "The Sacrifice Celebration Day".Although I did the wishing in Malay,but that would be a never ending best wishes for Muslims throughout the world coz we'll be celebrating Eid ul-Adha tomorrow.Ever since I could remember,I have always liked and waited for Eid ul-Adha for one special reason-get to see cows being "korban" or sacrificed.

Well,when it comes to "raya" celebration,the best expected scenario is people rushing back to their hometown for family gathering at least by tonight and once again I'll be celebrating it here..huhu..nor I have to attend my school tomorrow..huhuhuhu..Anyway,where ever you are and how you'll be celebrating your Eid ul-Adha,wishing you the merriest ever!

Me,imitating those showing on tv:P
Like my other cousins,don't ever show me cameras or I'll keep on acting!
Go Ma's lil' boy!
The closing part;)
Pa's getting ready for work.
Pagi-pagi lagi dah busy..hehe

Sunday, 16 December 2007

I Wanna Be With Them!

Dedicated to my big cousin sister-Kak Long Syud-

I wanna go!I wanna go!
Now is school holidays in M'sia and I wish that I could join my cousins to go on family trip to Genting Highlands,Cherating Beach Resort and picnic at Ulu Yam..huhuhu..but it was only a piece of my wish...sigh!
Family holiday in Awana Resort,Genting Highlands
I wanna be with them Ma...
Hang on!You're gonna fall!!
Macam sedap je aiskrim tu..nak skittttttttttt
Mak Lang & K.Cu Syifa'
Pink Ladies:))..ramainya pompuannnn..hehe!
They're all my favorite cousins(*^-^*)
Abang Syakir,K.Jiha & K.Long
Abang Syakir@Azhar Sulaiman Junior & Santa-san
Mid KL City the National Mosque,KL
My best friends-Abang Syakir,Kak Lang & Kak Cu-
Picnic at Ulu Yam