Sunday, 21 June 2009

Mandi Sungai-PartII

Setelah berkira-kira campur tolak dengan cuaca yang tak menentu these days,at last on Thursday evening the jemaah menteri decided to go for mandi sungai at KaraSawa Camp Site@the place where we went for mandi sungai last year.Masa tu Ma was preggy to Chara,and it's like "KaraSawa,we are back!!Dahulu ber3,sekarang ber4;)"..ahaks!
The weather was just nice and suitable for such activities.Well,rather than you go for shoppings or buang duits,this activity is highly recommended for Moms & Dads in related to family service;)Lagipon,this year memang cepat panas dan tak perlu tunggu sehingga bulan 8 untuk pergi mandi sungai.Umat pon tak berapa ramai..very the comfortable:P

Eppi Dad's Day(^-^)v

Sunday, 14 June 2009

One PiEce

These are some of my hobbies-reading One PiEce's mangga,watching One PiEce's movies,drawing One PiEce's mangga characters,collecting One PiEce's goods and playing with One PiEce's games.Yesterday,Pa bought me One PiEce's Wii game software and I'm crazy over it for the whole day!Of course with one condition-only if I managed to finish off my homework,and I really did!Pheww..yattane!
One PiEce's Wii game@UnLimited Cruise P1 and mangga
Some other mangga collection..
Kanji that I'm learning in school..(Ma said,"Susahnya!!!")
Chara,as at today.She likes "climbing" Papa and "riding" on him!hehe..(^-^)v

Chara is 9 Months (*^-^*)

Chara is 9 months today and I'm impressed with her day by day.
She can now:
- Remember more specific information,such as where her toys are in the house.
- Able to imitate actions she's seen as long as a week before.
- Understand when she's pleased us and we would always offer her specific praises in trilinggual,such as "Yatta!"(in Japanese),"Good Girl!!"(in English) and "Pandai!!"(in Malay).
- Very social and granting broad smiles to everyone she meets,yet at times she might be even tempered or switch her moods quite dramatically.
- Gestures for attentions and even wave goodbye(and say "Bye Bye or Ta Ta) when she sees Ma,Pa or I head for the door.
- Bend her knees and know how to sit after standing.Pa taught her how to crawl up stairs and cruise(Ma definitely doesn't like this!),moving around upright while holding onto furniture.She's also happy enough to walk if she has a hold of something,but she wont stand up unless there is some thing for her to hold onto.
..and many more rough actions which I "accidently" taught her:P
My name is QaySara(^-^)v
Before I was inside this walker,yet now I'm holding it from outside!:P
Inside my sleeping court(Ma has to tide me up or if not I'll crawl out:P)
Sleeping beauty..zzzzzz *The red dots on her left arm are the BCGs..tskk!

Thursday, 11 June 2009


For my sweety Chara(*^-^*)
Chara semakin naughty sekarang!!:D
On your mark..
Get set..terus GO!!
Yatta!I got it!I got it!!
Beraksi bersama walker(aksi lepas tangan yang tak tahan tu@selalu buat Ma & Abang berderau!!phewww..)


どうして? いつから?
暗くて 深くて
わたしこれから ほつれた心
あなたそのまま 瞳の奥に
笑顔のこして 永遠に静かに

なぜなの? あのとき?
つらくて 苦しくて
あなたそのまま 瞳の奥に
笑顔のこして 永遠に優しく

Yeah yeah yeah
'Cause I don't have a clue what to say.
Thinking about the world and how I changed
All alone, who am I?
Hit a wall, won't stop me!
やがて ひとつになるの
忘れないよ 信じた日々を

Oh! I wish that
I was strong,
Yeah I wish that
I was strong.
You got it! You got it!
Don't lose it!
The walls are caving in.
I'll try to keep you strong.
'Cause the world is moving on…

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


I like a song called KiSeKi by GreeeeN@Rookies theme song.And I've changed the lyrics spashly for my Chara too;)

明日 今日よりも好きになれる

君のくれた日々が 積み重なり
過ぎ去った日々 2人歩いたキセキ
僕らの出会いが もし偶然ならば
運命ならば 君に巡り会えた

「ありがとう」や CHARA!!
「愛してる」じゃ CHARA!!!
足りないけど せめて言わせて「幸せです」と。。

明日 今日より笑顔になれる
君が居るだけで そう思えるから
何十年 何百年 何千年 
時を越えよう 君を愛してる。。

Manusia itu pelbagai ragam dan citarasa.Tak semestinya orang tak sehaluan dengan kita tu bencikan kita.Contohnya,ada orang suka makan ayam dan ada orang benci makan ayam,tapi itu tak bermaksud dia bencikan orang yang makan ayam.
Anyway,tak semua yang baik tu orang terima dan yang buruk tu orang keji.Banyak jalan ke syurga.Kita pilih dan ikutlah dengan ikhlas.Apa yang ada dalam hati manusia tu,Allah yang Maha Mengetahui...wallahualam!

P/S:Tiba-tiba rasa syahdu..kenapa eh???