Monday, 30 March 2009

Atoks Spring Vacation-Day 4

GoTemBa Premium Outlet
The faraway Mount Fuji..

Gunung Fuji disebalik awan..

P/S:We also gave a visit to TokTeh's house in AgeO,Saitama Prefecture in the afternoon after finished doing the shopping.An extremely tired but surely satisfying day;)

Atoks Spring Vacation-Day 3

Chara in outfit by Tok Wan..arigatou!!(*^-^*)
Chara,Pa & I
Chara is ready!!


Dining@Red LobSter

Atoks Spring Vacation-Day 2

These are famous must go places nearby my house(^-^)

AEON Mall Musashi Murayama

3 generations:)

Grannys Are Here!(^-^)v

My warmest welcome to both of my Atoks@Grannys!!(^-^)v
It has been a cool week and they're hanging out in Japan at the moment until April 11th.And I'll surely be putting on my best effort to be a good buddy of them for vacation.So far we have brought them to several places in the very modern and interesting Tokyo.Well,I hope they will enjoy their trip to places which are entirely different from ours,despite of the cold weather.
Tok Wan,Tok Ki & Pa

P/S:My next entries are special for my Uncles & Aunties,featuring on Atoks activities during their visit to Japan.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Ma Baby Sister is 6:)

Chara is 6 months tomorrow.
Pheww..."already"???Infact,seeing Chara gaining age sometimes made Ma scared of her own:P..ahaks!
- Chara's stronger neck and arm muscles allow her to practice rolling over toward one side.Kalau dibiarkan memang sampai ke dapur dia akan rollin':)dan memang susah nak tukar diapers dia..huhuhu..
- She's also not only tolerates attention from others,she'll often initiate it.And she'll do just about anything to get our attention!So far,Chara likes to tegur sesiapa saja,even those who were ignoring her..hehe..
- She can really eat!!!And of course she shows more enthusiast in adult's food rather than hers..oh nononononono!
- Chara calls for "Maaaa.." whenever she cries
..and many more!
Sweet lil' Chara..
Eating rice cracker..comot!

Abang & Adik..luv ya!!muahssssss:)


This "tanoshimikai"cum farewell party was organised by Moms of my class to gather all my classmates and parents@moms,also my class teacher WataNabe SenSei before school holidays start on 24/3/2009.
Actually,we've been together for 2 years and surely I'm gonna miss my classmates so much!2Nen 3Kumi..SAIKOU!!!
Short briefying by Abe-san@May's Mom
One of the games
Chara & Aunty YuKo
Guuzenda!Both me & Chara wore the same stripe clothes:)
With my best friends..
Puppet show by Moms
My class teacher,WataNabe SenSei
Chara & I
2nd Grade,3rd Class of 2008-2009