Sunday, 13 December 2009

I Asked My Mom..

*translated from Japanese;)

1) "Ma,tadi kan...kat sekolah ada budak darjah 5 kata kat Qayyim "pergi balik negara awak"
Sob!sob!sedih Qayyim tau...
Kenapa dia cakap kat Qayyim macam tu Ma?
Teruknya diaorang tu..."

Ma kept in silence for a while..and after a few seconds you know what she answered me?

"Diaorang jeles tu sebab Qayyim "orang asing" & boleh naik aeroplane.
Lepas tu Qayyim tau Bahasa Melayu,simple English,kenal huruf jawi & Nihongo.
Sebab tu la diaorang sakit hati & suruh Qayyim balik negara sendiri.
Qayyim jangan sedih-sedih tau...diaorang tu pon akan jadi "orang asing" kalau diaorang pegi ke negara lain..haa..sama la macam Qayyim jugak kan??
Sekarang ni Qayyim belajar rajin-rajin dan jangan sia-siakan peluang yang ada.Allah dah takdirkan Qayyim membesar kat sini.Jadi selama Qayyim ada kat sini,buktikan pada diaorang yang Qayyim boleh!Bukan semua orang boleh berbahasa Jepun dalam usia macam Qayyim.Mama & Papa pon dah besar baru belajar tau.Lepas tu tiap-tiap tahun kita balik M'sia naik flight sama-sama ye;)"

Her words made me smile...hum!hum!!betol jugak ye...:D

2)"Ma,tadi kan...masa pegi swimming ada budak darjah 6 suruh Qayyim "balik M'sia"
Sedih Qayyim Ma..dah la Level 4 ni takde kawan rapat..kena pandang serong pulak tu!"

Again,I saw Ma lost her words..and after a while she replied to me..

"Ala..sama la macam kat sekolah tu,diaorang jeles kat Qayyim sebab dalam masa 2 tahun Qayyim dapat naik Level 4 sama macam diaorang.
Sedangkan diaorang tu mula berenang dari umur 4 tahun.
Sekarang ni,Qayyim berenang laju-laju,bagi lulus ujian untuk Level 4 ni..haa..pastu tak sama la dengan diaorang.
Jangan kisahkan diaorang tu ye!Nanti Mama pegi tengok Qayyim swimming!"

And me too nodded again!hum..hum!betol betol betollll!!:D

Well,those 2 conversations between Me & Ma happened last few months ago,which I could say them as my hectic experiences in school & after-school.And what I could say is,I'm grateful to have my parents as my guardians.Thanks Ma & Pa for always being there to understand me.I love you!!(*^-^*)

P/S:There goes the Jpnese's I understand!!tehehehe..
Anyway,Ma's words seemed very much of negative thinking but children need not to be comforted in the adults' ways,but enough to consult them in their easiest and simplest way;)

Thursday, 19 November 2009

My Apologize:D

Sorry!Sorry!Sorry!!..for my very loooooonggg silence!
I'm here,no where to go,but sooo MA.LAS!!Besides hands full of daily tasks and guess what?I have my own FB account already!Hoorayy!!
Ahaks..err..must I give a celebration on it?Un-no..actually Pa created it for me for I always interframing him playing BeJewelled:P
Well,to start with,here I am..alive & kicking around,with my various faces-off;)
Good boy's smile:)
Anxious Me!
I'm rather Happy-Go-Lucky(^-^)v
So what!!?
Uhuk!uhuk!!I'm sad..:(

My sweetie Chara can now time flies!

It's Chara's 2nd autumn and she's darn freezing..grrrr
She was like,"Apa tengok-tengok??Any prob babe?"..ahaks!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

I'm 9th(*^-^*)

..and I'm blessed with my precious family and friends.Alhamdulillah!!

Hoping and praying for the good health and happiness in life..amiin!
Chara wants to blow too!
My sweetie lil''s like her birthday too!hehe..
Me:"Abang ni chuuuuu.."
Our supper menu for tonite;)
The yummylicious fruit-roll
My favorite spaghetti.Arigatouu Ma(*^-^*)
Dad's RooTBeeR-Never can win the A&W.'s:P

P/S:Am thanking my everdearest loving family in M'sia for their warmest thought on my birthday.TerimaKasih semua(^-^)/..kusayangkamu!!!muahssss..

Saturday, 7 November 2009

On Seven-Eleven

It was a very bright sunny day and Pa brought us to Tama Zoological Park today.
Actually that was my second time there(my first time was during my trip with classmates somewhere around this year).
Chara and I wanted to see elephants, giraffes and bears and we weren't disappointed.
So lucky!!
The "over-excited" me!tehehe..
Chara was also extremely happy to go for strolling inside the zoo:)
Chara & I,with the cutie Cubs(^-^)v
The pure happiness of being an "Abang"..I'm blessed!
Before entering the Koala House.
Anyway,I got to know that Koala is a supa-dupa lazy dude:P..they sleep all day and only wake up purposely to eat!Owh mannn!!!
Ermm..what's this??
The African Elephant.They're rather small compared to the Asian ones.Weird huh?!
The Flamingos just made me happppyyyy!!
Can you see the lion was so near to those on the bus??huhu..scary thing!
Just imagine..ohohohoho..
I loikeee this butterfly(*^-^*)coz it looks like M'sia one..huhu..ku mahu pulang!!
Hey!I found "M'sia"!!!! was just a similar-looking "kubah masjid"
Autumn was on their way..
The 3 of us(^-^)v
Pa & Chara
The 3 of us,again!!hehe..

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Hallo.ween Party(31102009)

I joined Abe-san for a Hallo.ween party on 10/31 evening.Actually it was just for FUN and in fact those attending the party were regardless of religion and lack of knowledge on Hallo.ween itself..ahaks!
(Ada ka depa tanya Ma apa itu Hallo.ween??How dare you!..How could you??coz me too never know such!!muekekekke..)
Well,the party was great and Ma brought some sweets & snacks for the kids-on-the-blocks and also the "InaRi-ZusHi" for our dinner.Yahh..she noted that we could never put on hopes on the non-Halal food served:(
Owhh..who did I become?Ummm..I donno..I just wore what ever I had in the house(plus a mask that Ma grabbed with only RM5 at PaDang Besaq:P..ahaks!),though I felt a little embarrassed,but I had so much fun. :).
Chara?She was left at home with Pa;)..
Some of those at the party:)
The Moms..
Having dinner with my frens:)
Some of the gals(^-^)v
Hand-made origami cake,by Yuna-chan
So real!!..the fruit jelly by TakuMa's Mom;)
Crackers & cheese by Yu-kun's Mom..simple!
Ma brought these..
And these..
It's Hallo.ween!!!Brought back all the way from US,by Abe Papa(*^-^*)
Some of the desserts..

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

New Blog!!

Ma has launched her new online shopping blog(^-^)v
Tadaaaa!!Feel free to drop by here=>
For the time being,she has some tunics and japanese cotton for sale and many more coming on board soon!
Anyway,should you need anything from Japan,please do not hesitate to contact her at,for further inquiries;)
Last but not least,happy shopping and just Be YourSelf(*^-^*)

P/S:Sorry for the long silence m(_ _)m..missing you badly:(

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Doa Kami

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, Yang Maha Mendengar dan Maha Mengetahui,
Tetapkanlah hatiku kepada jalan-Mu,
Tingkatkanlah iman dan taqwa ku,

Kurniakanlah redha Engkau kepadaku.
Sesungguhnya hanya Engkau yang mengetahui segala yang tersirat di dalam hati kami,
Baik yang kami sendiri tahu atau tidak ketahui.

Ya Allah Ya Tuhankanku,Yang Maha Pengasih lagi Mengasihani,
Jauhkanlah aku dari semua yang memesongkan akidah,
Jauhkanlah aku dari sifat lupa,malas dan riak,
Jauhkanlah aku dari api neraka-Mu.
Sesungguhnya kami ini orang yang menzalimi diri sendiri.
Dan sesungguhnya hanya Engkau yang Maha Pengampun.
Bersihkanlah hatiku Ya Allah
Terangkanlah pemikiranku, sihatkanlah tubuh badanku dan tenangkan jiwaku.
Jadikanlah hatiku, pemikiranku, tubuh badanku dan jiwaku dekat kepada Engkau.
Semoga aku sentiasa ingat kepada Engkau,
Dan jadikanlah aku antara orang-orang yang beriman.

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku,Tuhan yang memakbulkan doa,
Terimalah permintaanku,
Semoga aku menjadi hamba-Mu yang bersyukur.

Amin Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamin..

P/S:Moga kita semua tabah dalam menghadapi dugaan dari-Nya..

Friday, 2 October 2009


Hai laa..lama betoi tak apdet blog!sawang jangan tanya la..jenuh tepis!lekat kat tangan plak tuuu..huh!
Demo shimpai shinaidene..kimi no koto wo itsumademo aishiterukara;D,semua2 sihat ke?hope so!kami sekorga alhamdulillah...selamat kembali ke jepang,selamat berpuasa,selamat berhari raya dan alhamdulillah,hingga ke saat ini selamat menjalani ibadat & tanggungjawab sebagai seorang muslim & banyak gak la upload kat FaceBook actually,but still I'll make sure Ma uploads some in here:D..for your eyes only!tehehehehe..(*^-^*)

Hmm..banyaknyer nak tulis!owhh if only I could jot down them all..huhu..but I think I'll make them short..err...can la eh??Well,to start with;

1) We flew back to TokYo on 090829(arghh!sad!sad!!how I wished I could stay longer in M'sia..huhu)
The Boyz & I
See Ya GuYss NexT YeAr(^-^)/
With the RashiDs
Chara says,"Daaa!!"

2)Chara turned ONE on 090914:D
We celebrated her birthday bash twice.The first one was held at the Granny's during our stay in PerLis.And the second one was celebrated on her birth day of course,surrounded by our lil' family.

Happy Birthday My Gurl(*^-^*)
EveryDay We Love You More!!!
Chara's first ever birthday cake;)
Eppi B'day Chara!!..with TokAyah & Aidil
Chara & the Cousins
Chara's 2nd birthday cake:D
Chara & I(^-^)v

3)Buka Puasa at Aunty AZ's
Alhamdulillah,I managed to puasa more than last year and insyaAllah I'll keep promising and reminding myself to be a good Muslim boy;D
Anyway,thanks to Aunty Aini for your invitation.Sangat kenyanggg!!GoChiSouSaMa!
Some of the Guests:D
Dear Aunty,Naeem & I..(macho tak?)
Ma's fav;)
I loike this one!
This one also yummylicious;)

We had a simple,yet a very meriah Hari Raya celebration this year.Thoughhhhhh!!We forgot to take family pics!!arghhh!!how could!!and Ma realized it only after she changed Chara's baju kurung,got me showered and woke Pa up for dinner:P*sighs*

Chara in Baju Kurung;)
Moshi..moshi!!Chara ni...
Warga KoGaNei & KoDaiRa
The only Family pic:(..huhu*sigh*..again!tehehehe
Ma & her frens,at the Embassy.
Chara & Ma,at the Embassy(pic by Aunty Hani.Arigatou!)
Departing for Aunty Hani's house@2nd Raya
At Aunty Hani's
Main Bunga Api@Uncle LaWid's@3rd Raya

Well,that's all for me can aaa??Please pray for Ma's "R"(she's in "M" mode all the way lol)mood to rise happily ever after huh!ahakss..Daa!!