Sunday, 26 July 2009


Now you see it,now you don'tttttt!!*wink*wink*
I did it!I did it!!..without any failure!..ahaks!
Memang Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah and I won't forget today,DEFINITELY!!;)

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Out For MaLaYa(^-^)v

At last we're back in M'sia for almost 2 years and this time we are flying with MAS on flight MH70 on 190709 and 290809.
On 190709,Ma,Chara & I departed for NaRiTa in the early morning,with Pa accompanying us until there.Sian Papa sebab dia tak dapat cuti lama and he'll only join us on 150809.
At the airport,we met Aunty HaNi's PIL&MIL and YocChi-the son,and together we departed for KL.Alhamdulillah,berkat doa semua,our "surprised" journey turned out very well and Chara was also did fine all the way.
After almost 7 hours in the flight,we touched down at KLIA according to the schedule and there I met MakNgah & family.Yatta!!Akhirnya dapat juga makan "siputsedot" kegemaranku;) err..terima kasih kerana memahami,ahaks!
Not forgotten,MakJiJi & Aunty CheYah was also there.Arigatou!
Unfortunately,it was only a lil' while that I managed to play with Abang Syakir-my cousin brother-as we were on transit to AlorSetar on the next 3 hours domestic flight.
Thousand apologizes to all whom we couldn't meet on our short transit at KLIA.InsyaAllah ada rezeki kita jumpa di kemudian hari ye!
2Nen buridane:D
Chara & Ma,on her first flight back to M'sia;)

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


そういえば、後2ヶ月でチャラちゃんが一歳になるんだねぇ! lil' sista is 10 months today.How time flies!
-Pics by K.Long Syud(^-^)v..AriGatou!(*^-^*)-
1. Chara is just beginning to understand many simple words and phrases, so Ma thinks it's more important than ever to keep talking to her.Though it may sometimes feel silly,having conversations with her is a great way to encourage her language skills.For example,when she rattles off a sentence of gibberish,respond with "Oh, really?"or "Sounano?Sounanda..".She'll probably smile and keep chattering away.
2. Also,it seems that Chara can now understands simple instructions,though she may purposely choose to ignore Ma when she says "No!" or "Dame!".Well,I think it's not too soon to set certain boundaries and start teaching her some important distinctions, like right from wrong and safe from unsafe;)
3. We also sing songs or nursery rhymes,demonstrate actions that go with words (saying "bye-bye" and waving,for instance), and play games,like those featured on the television programmes(Inai-Inai-Ba or even TeleTubbies),so she learns to identify key words and phrases.
4. Her fingers are becoming more agile and she is able to pick up small objects between her thumb and forefinger.She's intrigued by tiny things and is still likely to taste-test them!:P
5. She can sit confidently and may even walk while holding onto furniture,possibly letting go momentarily and standing without support.She'll also take steps when held in a walking position and may attempt to scoop up a toy while she's standing, too.Meanwhile,she may walk while gripping our hands,and she'll hold out her arm or leg to help us dress her.
-Another pic by K.Long Syud(^-^)v..SanKyu!(*^-^*)-
6. Surprisingly,Chara has also started to make the connections.Before long, she'll be clapping her hands together when we do and may begin to say "MaMa" when she's looking at Ma,"PaPa" when Pa comes into the room or comes back from work,and she'll look at me when Ma says "Abang":)

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Early Spring School Trip

I love zoos,and my parents used to bring me there at least once a year.
Last month we made our trip to InoKashiRa Park Zoo and I was soooooo lucky that my class trip for this year was also to the zoo(the Tama Zoo).
Actually,I had been hearing nice things about this zoo,located in Hino City,Tokyo,yet never had the chance to go there.How lucky we were coz when we got there,they were offering free admission to the kids below 12 year old!Yatta!!Well,the trip was really fun though exhausting since we had to go there by walk(from our school to the train station) and by train(twice of changing trains).Never could I forget such precious experience(^-^)v

3rd Grade,1st Class of 2009(*^-^*),together with WariTa SenSei & our HM:)
Our small group
Ready to explore(^-^)v
Take a break,have a bentou:)
Where's next guys?
It's hard to say GoodBye(^-^)/


Big congrates to Ma's MBA ex-colleague-Lu-chan & Yuu-kun,who will be getting married in ShenYang,China,this coming September,20th.
Lu-chan is working at a big JapaNese company here in Tokyo and she was very close to our fact,she's one of Ma's closest friend during her study,besides BiYou(she's settling down in Taipei right now).Anyway,wishing both of them the very best of luck and happily ever after(^-^)v

Wedding song for you-Can You Celebrate,by Namie Amuro:)

P/S:To Lu-chan:"An ideal wife is any woman who has an ideal husband."(*^-^*)