Sunday, 30 September 2007

Today's Buka Puasa Menu(300907)

It was raining today and my Sports Day was cancelled.But still I had to got to school and study as if it was next Tuesday.Yah...Sports Day was postponed to Tuesday(0310) and Ma was hoping for Pa to attend the event on behalf of her;)
Cucur Jagung
Sotong masak apatah..hihi
Air gara2 dok teringat air asam special Auntie Hani kat umah Auntie Aini semlm;)
Daging untuk cicah dengan air asam
Ikan goreng yang sangat la garingnyer...hehe
Side order...saja nak perabih isi perut fridge;)
The simplest dinner ever:)

Buka Puasa at Kamimeguro(290907)

Yesterday evening we went to buka puasa at the Embassy of Malaysia's staffs residential in Kamimeguro,Tokyo.
Thanks a lot to tuan rumah,Auntie Aini & Uncle Zakri,also their kids cum new friends of mine,Farah,Nabila & Naim.
Food were all marvelous and your warmest hospitality would be remembered forever('-')/

Friday, 28 September 2007

Today's Buka Puasa Menu(280907)

Our buka puasa menu today came with another simple homecooked dishes by Ma.
Me & Pa's favourite Sup Tulang,which could be eaten together with Rice or Noodle.
This is Puding Roti,with vanilla ice cream as topping.Sorry Ma!I spoilt the shape:(For your info.,Ma didn't put in kismis as I don't really like the taste of it..hehe
Sweetie melon for dessert.
I'm tired of eating so much food Ma..can I quit?
Guys,perasan tak apa dah jadi pada rambutku???
While Ma shared the spirit of unity as she accompanied me first during dinner time and then waited for Pa to come back from work until 8pm to buka puasa together.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Today's Buka Puasa Menu(260907)

Ma went to Shibuya this morning to meet Auntie Hana and from there they went to the Embassy of Malaysia on foot.Lama gak la menapaknya;)Seb baik ada penyelamat dunia-Auntie Ani..thanks K.Ani('-')/jasamu dikenang..merasa gak kami naik Honda Stream baru with diplomatic plate no. tu..hehe

So,this is our buka puasa menu for today.."Roti Jala"

Guess why the Roti Jala came with 2 different sizes?Actually the small ones were those Ma received from Auntie Ani...ada la approximately 11 pieces of them.Since tak cukup for the 3 of us,Ma made some more,which were the bigger ones...tak larat nak tebaq jala dah sebenaqnya
My favourite Chicken Curry
Tengah makan dengan khusyuknya.But only Ma & I had dinner since Pa had to attend ceremony apatah kat ofis dia.
Macam pacat kekenyangan..alhamdulillahhh..err...lepas makan roti jala,makan ultraman pulak for dessert:))

Monday, 24 September 2007

Ma's Been Tagged!!

Mmm...alahai bertuahnya Auntie Hani ni..ada ka dia pi tagged nya Mama..haha..apa2 pon jawab pi la no...

5 things in my bag
1. Wallet
2. Dijikame
3. 2007 planner@yearly organizer,which is not being well-organized;)
4. Handkerchief
5. Suica card
aik??5 je ke?ada lagi dalam beg nih...hehe

5 things that are in my wallet
1. Duit Jepun
2. Alien Card(yup!we're aliens K.Hani:)
3. Health Insurance Cards (IQ & I)
4. Kad utang,kad kumpoi points etc etc
5. Lotsa bils(ni kumpoi & then hand over to hubby to update:)

5 favorite things in my bedroom
1. 2 single beds(yang dicantumkan jadi one big bed)
2. My own study room
3. Aircond(s)
4. My laptop
5. Bantal(yang pantang sekali kalau ditenung lama2..:))

5 things I wish to do
1. Balik cuti-cuti M'sia(nak2 time nak ghaya nihhh..huhu)
2. Avoid tomorrow's presentation
3. Tukar driving license to Jepun punyer..
4. Cepat2 grad..
5. Pandai masak kek & kueh

5 things that I am doing now
1. Dok pikiag banyak lagi nak tulis tapi 5 ja ka??
2. Dok pikiag bila la Hana nak mai Tokyo ni..minggu ni kana??
3. Sambil-sambil dok tengok "Hey-hey-hey Special"
4. Dok rimas anak dok ajak tidog sedangkan kerja tak siap lagi..(Mama,isshoni neyou yo..)..tidog karang sapa yang susah!!
5. But above all memang dok risau gila pasai happyou isok..arghhhh!!!tasuketekure!!!

5 people I would like to tag
1. YanMadon
2. HannyZurina
3. SukreenHana
4. NadiahHanim
5. FarahNurikram

Atowa yoropikuna...

On The Go,With Beads

Ma bought me beads yesterday..Yeahh!!yattane('-')/
And these are some of my inventions..interesting right??:))
Actually Ma first got to know about "beads" when she saw our neighbour,May & June played with cute girl's stuffs made of beads.They made colourful handbags,shoes & flowers from beads and since then Ma kept on dreaming about buying me the same bead's game for boys and she found one at Itoyokado. Auntie Nadia & Uncle Nazmi,looking at Thomas & friends' beads really reminded us about Naael-kun:)
The whole set,5000 ketul beads cost 1,365yen(may be you can get less at Toys-R-Us etc)

Love boat('',)
On board..
Flowers for you Ma:)

Sunday, 23 September 2007