Friday, 20 February 2009

Chara & Kipas

Dah lama Chara aim nak tangkap kipas ni tapi tak berjaya:(

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Chara,CP day 6

Pinkish dots had turned into brownish and it seemed like Chara got used with the small blisters and so far she could avoid from scratching those itchy spots.Thank God she had in during winter!

Musuko yo..

I like to write letters and seldom write them to Ma.
This sample of "so called letter" was written once upon a time ago during school and it was so simple to tell Pa & Ma all about me recently@今の自分について.

And this is the one I received from Ma.Actually she had to do it for our class presentation during "Home Economics"(betoi ke nih?)@生活科.This is one of the attractive part of the JapaNese education.They teach us more on humanities and guide on how to live and appreciate life,and etc.Even that was the first time for me to see how baby develops in mother's womb for so real!Subhanallah..and I'm so eager to learn more!


Penyejuk JiWa,Penyubur ImAn..

She's my IMANIE(*^-^*)


When Adik hiccups,Pa used to tear off a lil' piece of tissue paper and stick it onto Adik's forehead.Well,sometimes it works and sometimes not at all..and Ma's so doubtful on this idea..hmmmm..honmakaina??

*Honmakaina?(Osaka-ben)for Hontoukana?=Is it true?

Sunday, 15 February 2009


On last Thursday,Ma realized a tiny spot appeared on Chara's forehead and there started her suspicious days!But nahh..may be yes,and may be not..let's just wait and see;)
Then,on the next day some other similar dots appeared onto her body and this time Ma rushed her immediately to the nearest PAED.Yess!Chara's down with MizuBouSou@ChicKen Pox@CP this time..hoohooo!!
Being worried,Ma called her closest "MamaTomo"@Aunt Yuko to ask about this and that on this disease.And it seemed that CP is not that weird to them and they even preferred babies to get CP in their early days.In fact,some of them purposely bring their babies nearby those who infected with CP so that their babies also will get CP too!Pelik kan?How different our perception on CP compared with the JapaNese's.
After all,Ma is released to see Chara as aggressive as usual(even getting rougher!)and her appetite is at normal level too!Alhamdulillah..and they said next will be my turn!woohooo..can't imagine that!But never mind coz Pa & Ma said everyone would experience ChicKen Pox once in our life time.
I wish and pray hard that I'll be able to bear and fight with this disease at my best.If Chara can,why not me right?
The Chicky Girl on day 3@yesterday.It was very hot(summer in winter:P) and sometimes Chara sounded uncomfortable with those itchy things..
Chara on CP,day 4..sleep soundly onto Ma's forehand after had porridge for lunch & played with Pinky Monkey.Pity Chara for soooo many dots on her body,face & head.And Ma hafta hold her while she's sleeping to make sure that she won't make any move on the itchy things,spashly those appeared on her face!But still..on the other hand she's as rough as usual;)..alhamdulillah!
Hah!Bangun dah dia..
This Genki Gym is almost broken..Chara ganeh!
There she goes...
Pa!Help me!!

Doa penyembuh penyakit:
"Ya Allah! Tuhan manusia, yang menghilangkan kesusahan, sembuhkanlah, Engkaulah yang menyembuhkan.Tidak ada yang menyembuhkan selain Engkau, penyembuhan yang tiada meninggalkan sebarang penyakit."

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Owh My Lil' Girl..

She'll be 5 months this Saturday.At this age,she:
- prefers strong contrasts,sharp edges and keen on bright colors.
- smiles at other babies,especially the one in the mirror;)=>she smiles to herself actually:P
- opens her hands and reaches out to touch and grasp.
- is capable of easily bringing an object to her mouth for oral exploration!=>I used to catch an "ANT" and put it into my mouth when I was in the same age as Chara.Well,it tasted slightly spicy:P
- is showing more signs that she's ready for solids - from a lessened tongue-thrust reflex to a keener interest in the foods we are eating=>Ma feeds her with porridge twice a day..not much coz she's still a beginner despite of her big appetite:P
- likes to repeat on her favorite sounds...
- is so very easy to get ANGRY..grrrrrrr!!!In fact,she'll throw away what ever in her hands if she can't get what ever she wants or will cry loudly macam kena dera!..pheww..
- will be at ease when Ma reads her "Lailahaillallah..." ..and many more...
In short,by now,Chara's physical developments are coming fast and furiously.So,lets get ready Ma!!;)
After 5 months,Chara experienced her first fever(10/02/09).Sayu dihati mendengar Chara panggil "Ma" semasa dia sedang sakit,seakan mengadu betapa seksanya ketika itu..aduhai Adik!
On 11/02/09..Alhamdulillah,Chara dah sihat:)
Main dengan Abang-Inai inaiiii..Baa!!@"Baaa..Chak!!"
Chara & Abang(*^-^*)Chara & Pa;)
Chara & Ma:)

Friday, 6 February 2009


It's already February la!!!
Sad to say,only petite lil' snow(antara perasan & tidak) fall down on Tokyo during winter this year.But alhamdulillah..with this lil' baby around,Ma thanks to Allah so much,alhamdulillah!
Chara also can "meniarap" already...err..tengok mood dia la tapinya(ada ke pulak eh?)huhuhu..
Anyway,she'll be 5 months next week and so far memang makin banyak kerenah.
But that's how a baby develops and parents kena banyak bersabar..right Moms?
Sleepy Chara..ON YOUR MARK!
Me,as always..
IQ & IIQ(rambut Chara tegak kat tengah sebab dia ada "3" pusar kat belakang comes the triplet hurricanes!!hehe..)


Thanks Aunty Honeyyyyy(eceh!)