Thursday, 19 November 2009

My Apologize:D

Sorry!Sorry!Sorry!!..for my very loooooonggg silence!
I'm here,no where to go,but sooo MA.LAS!!Besides hands full of daily tasks and guess what?I have my own FB account already!Hoorayy!!
Ahaks..err..must I give a celebration on it?Un-no..actually Pa created it for me for I always interframing him playing BeJewelled:P
Well,to start with,here I am..alive & kicking around,with my various faces-off;)
Good boy's smile:)
Anxious Me!
I'm rather Happy-Go-Lucky(^-^)v
So what!!?
Uhuk!uhuk!!I'm sad..:(

My sweetie Chara can now time flies!

It's Chara's 2nd autumn and she's darn freezing..grrrr
She was like,"Apa tengok-tengok??Any prob babe?"..ahaks!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

I'm 9th(*^-^*)

..and I'm blessed with my precious family and friends.Alhamdulillah!!

Hoping and praying for the good health and happiness in life..amiin!
Chara wants to blow too!
My sweetie lil''s like her birthday too!hehe..
Me:"Abang ni chuuuuu.."
Our supper menu for tonite;)
The yummylicious fruit-roll
My favorite spaghetti.Arigatouu Ma(*^-^*)
Dad's RooTBeeR-Never can win the A&W.'s:P

P/S:Am thanking my everdearest loving family in M'sia for their warmest thought on my birthday.TerimaKasih semua(^-^)/..kusayangkamu!!!muahssss..

Saturday, 7 November 2009

On Seven-Eleven

It was a very bright sunny day and Pa brought us to Tama Zoological Park today.
Actually that was my second time there(my first time was during my trip with classmates somewhere around this year).
Chara and I wanted to see elephants, giraffes and bears and we weren't disappointed.
So lucky!!
The "over-excited" me!tehehe..
Chara was also extremely happy to go for strolling inside the zoo:)
Chara & I,with the cutie Cubs(^-^)v
The pure happiness of being an "Abang"..I'm blessed!
Before entering the Koala House.
Anyway,I got to know that Koala is a supa-dupa lazy dude:P..they sleep all day and only wake up purposely to eat!Owh mannn!!!
Ermm..what's this??
The African Elephant.They're rather small compared to the Asian ones.Weird huh?!
The Flamingos just made me happppyyyy!!
Can you see the lion was so near to those on the bus??huhu..scary thing!
Just imagine..ohohohoho..
I loikeee this butterfly(*^-^*)coz it looks like M'sia one..huhu..ku mahu pulang!!
Hey!I found "M'sia"!!!! was just a similar-looking "kubah masjid"
Autumn was on their way..
The 3 of us(^-^)v
Pa & Chara
The 3 of us,again!!hehe..