Wednesday, 31 October 2007


I usually do my homework right after school.Well,actually I would LOVE to finish it at night but I failed to convince Ma that I would do it right.Zannendeshita!So,before I get moving for my friends or attending the swimming class,I've to finish off what ever homework that Watanabe Sensei gave me.For the time being,daily stuffs come with Maths,which is to be done on individual sheets and also Japanese Language(kanji writing and composition reading).
Syyy...I thought of surprising Ma but she managed to catch me...hoho!
Yup!and that was absolutely me..doing my homework;)
My "Kanji" note book
Ma said what I did was not right..huhuhu...kibishisugiruyo Okaasan!(too strict Ma!)..yahh...Ma's strict,sebab tu dia tak boleh jadi cikgu!

Monday, 29 October 2007

Play YesterDay

Me,playing with some of my friends-Doyo-kun,Souma-kun & Tsuki-chan.While Kou-chan,Gayon-chan,Suzu-chan & Souma's Mama at the back;)
Why so sad??Boys must be strong dear!!
Gayon-chan & Suzu-chan.FYI,Gayon-chan & Doyo-kun are siblings and they're my "pool-mate" at KONAMI.Sad to say that they'll be going back to Korea for good in February next year.Sabishikunarune:(
Nice sisters & brothers during Flea Market yesterday.

School Open Day(281007)

Starting from yesterday(281007) until next Thursday(011107) is my school's open day,the second event for this year.Ma & Pa went to see my classroom and my Art & Japanese class.
Me,during Art class.
Thanks Mei-chan's Mama for your helping hand('-')/
Behind the scene
With Masahiro-kun
Me,Ma & Mei-chan
I made a Yo-Yo last week:)
My composition-"Ohayou Chibikko Gorilla"
Chou-chou da!
My shoes box:)
Our aim for October



Thanks Ina('-')/wa cilok gambag dari fp lu;)

Geng biasa;)
Delicious foodies!
Prawn Curry
Gomen!Snap gambo Rasyid je..gambo diri sendiri & org lain xder:P

Thursday, 25 October 2007


I love pool and really enjoy water,but there is safety in knowing how to swim.Actually I have enrolled into a swimming class at KONAMI Sports Club,about 5 minutes from my house,starting from July this year.What I like most is,the nice teachers and coaches who are really good with the kids.For me,swimming lessons are always a joy inspite of a "promotion test"(進級テスト)in every end of month.
At first,without any swimming basic,I was put into Level 20.And yesterday,I managed to get promoted to Level 17.Yeah!!!But since taking photos are strictly prohibited inside the pool,so I could only show you the new "logo" printed on my swimming cap:))

Wednesday, 24 October 2007


ME:Okaasan,"obaachan" ni nannaide..(Mama,please don't be a Grandmother)
MA:Ek?Doushite totsuzen souiufuu ni iuno?(Why suddenly you said like that?)
ME:Dattesa..obaachan ni nattara,tsugi shinjaukara iyada!boku hitori bocchi ni narushi..(You'll die after you become a grandmother and I hate it!Some more I'll be alone..)
MA:Souka..demone Izu-kun..minna shinu kara,shinpai shinaide..(Really..but Izz,everbody will die so don't worry)
ME:Iyadayo!zettai..zettai..zettai iyada!Mama ga hoshii kara!hitori jya muridayo..(I hate it!Absolutely hate it!I want Mama.I can't live to be alone..)
MA:(komacchaune!doushiyou?)(I'm in trouble!what to do?)
p/s:Terima kasih anak kerana mengingatkan Mama pada hari kematian yang pasti akan datang menjemput kita..

Play Day

One fine Tuesday afternoon...
ME:Ne Souma..mite!mite!chou-suge to omowanai?(Hey Souma..look!don't u think it's fantastic?)
SOUMA:Nani?nandayo...zenzen sugokune yo(What?I don't think so..not fantastic at all)
ME:Soko jane yo..kore!kore!mitegoran..(Not that one,but this one!have a look..)
SOUMA:Aaaa..chotto Izu doiteyo.Ore mienai kara..(ic..Izz move out of the way.Coz I can't see it)
MEI:Nanda kono futari.DS yarouyo!yakusokushita deshou?ne...(What are you 2 doing guys.Let's play DS!You'd promised right?)
ME&SOUMA:Matte!Urutoraman no youtube ga mitaindakara..(Wait!We want to watch Ultraman's youtube..)

"The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when you discover that someone else believes in you and is willing to trust you with a friendship."

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Youth Soccer Tournament

Soccer certainly is a vigorous sport and I admire anyone who plays.
Today I played in a soccer tournament,which was only for Elementary Grade 1,held at Suzuki Elementary School(so,anyone to admire me?hehe..).Luckily the weather was fine and I really enjoyed the games although without Ma's moral support.Anyway,thanks Pa for being my cameraman:)
Well,our team braved the heat and the thunderstorms and made it through a great weekend of soccer none the less.Once again we had a great tournament filled with exciting games,hard fought 2nd game wins and great sportsmanship by players,coaches and fans alike.Congratulations to all!The next game shall continue on the next weekend('-')/
Izu-kun gambattekure!
Warming up session.
Me,being the goal keeper:P
Goal kick by Seiji-kun
End of the first game.We lost to KS Kickers by 3:1:(
The 2nd game-Kodaira Rainbows VS Takanodai Fighters One
Are?But where's the ball?:)
Nice passing;)
Go for the ball!!
We WON by aggregate 3:0!!Yattane:))