Friday, 17 April 2009


Me:Ma,BiFon ada?
Ma:BiFon amendanya anak oiii??iPhone tau la,bPhone tak tau!
Me:Ala..BiFon laa..tak tau ke?yang Ma masak masa sarapan pagi tadi tuuuuu...
Ma:Haaaa!!!BiHun la bertuahh!!bukan BiFon!
Ma:BiFung janaitteba!!Bi-Hun dayo..(I said it's not BiFung!!But BiHun..)<=masa ni Ma dah gelak terbahak2 dah:)))
P/S:JapaNese language doesn't have "H",but "F"..and I'm confused again!Arghhh!!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Otsukaresama,Omedetou.Alhamdulillah,Arigatou,Odaijini & Gambare!!(^-^)v

Otsukaresama Pa & Ma!
1. Alhamdulillah,Ma passed her driving test(after her 3rd times..huhuhu.How to do,tengok hari tu punya tester jugak la:P..ahaks!) and officially received her Japan DriVing License yesterday(for your info.,they're using M'sia Intn'l Driving License all these while).
Pa?He passed his(in a blow!!)last 3 weeks.So jealous of him!Omedetou Pa(*^-^*)
2. Arigatou Pa!Thanks for taking a leave and looking after Chara while Ma was away(driving test in the morning and my class meeting in the afternoon).Ma became my class's Board of EdiTorial,3rd Grade 1st Class@Class of 2009-2010.Gambare Ma(^-^)v

Odaijini TsaQeef-kun!!
This lil' boy is Ma's best friend-Aunty Hana's-son.Remember I told you about my friends,FaaTin & TsaQeef,who came to stay at my house last year?They're back in M'sia for good last January and unfortunately TsaQeef was infected with CoxSackie DiseaSe last few days.At the moment,he's being warded at a private hospital in S/Alam.Poor lil' TsaQeef that Aunty HaNa is in SanFrancisco right now,attending her PhD conference.But still lucky him for having a very caring Ayah@Uncle Ben beside,also many other relatives around.Take a great care of yourself and get well very soon TsaQeef-kun!Aja Aja Fighting!!!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Lucky 7(*^-^*)

My baby sista is 7 months today.
- She sprouts her first white caps(two middle teeth on the bottom)on Pa's birthday!So easy to remember right?!hehe..anyway to ease her discomfort,we gave her something to chew on although sometimes she'd be getting more emotional and started to cry loudly.
- She can now says "MaaMaa","PaaPaa",and hardly for "BaaBang".Also "TaTaTaTaTa..","TaaDakk..",and many more of baby talks."MaMaMaMaMa.." is when she cries,"PaPaPaPa.." and "TaaDakkk.."when she plays alone or wakes up from bed,while "BaBang" is when she plays with me.See!That's why Abang loves you Dear(*^-^*)
- She is now actively engages in hiding games and likes INAI INAI BAAA!!! very much!
- She's also keen on musics and laughs loudly every time Ma sings songs to her.So far she really likes Twinkle Twinkle Lil' Star.Err..with actions huh!
- She's being sooooo curious about every thing!And it seems that at this age she begins to test Ma's authority by refusing to follow her simple directions.
- Guess what!She admires her reflection in a mirror and it's so cute!!!hehehe..
- She's also beginning to understand of the world around her.Earlier,when Ma left the room,Chara was hardly phased.But now whenever she saw Ma wore her tudung,she knew that Ma would be gone and began to cry as soon as Ma's out of her sight.
And there are even many more!
Anyway,looking at Chara's development is really fun and I can't wait to see her putting on her first step;)
Docchi ni shiyou kana??
Posing mengancam:P

Sunday, 12 April 2009

SaRaBa Atoks(^-^)/

Tok Wan & Tok Ki went back to MalaySia yesterday,after spending more than 2 weeks in TokYo.And I was so sad!! fact 2 days before they went back,I could feel the loneliness.
But I believe strongly in my mind that they will come here again some day!haha..AMIN!!!
Way up to NaRiTa AirPort

Muahsss to Atoks,by Chara;)

Bubbye Tok Wan!!Bubbye Tok Ki!!Gonna miss youuuu...

Friday, 10 April 2009


Today is my father's birthday!
Happy birthday to PaPa(*^-^*)
He is 34 years old now.
My father is a very strong man,in force and life.
He is the most caring man I've ever known in my life and he loves his children as nobody!
I love him! And love veeeery much!
Thanks Pa,for always being there whenever we need you.
Thanks for being you!
It's also Pa's very special birthday celebration since both of his parents are here.Lucky him!
And see what Ma & I made for Pa today..ahaks!plus his favourite Ma's ChicKen Rice
And although it's a darn shameful for Ma@cakes dummies to show her homemade cake here,but because of you Pa,she would hands up and says,"Dear,everything I do,I do it for you"..tehehehe!
Anyway,thanks to Tok Ki for your help.Also to Tok Wan for all the courage.
Pa's birthday cake;)

Strawberry yang sangat juicy..yummyy!!
Chara sleeps like Ulat Bulu;)Oh ya!she also has her 1st teeth on Pa's birthday!Sooo easy to remember huh?!

P/S:My Atoks will be going back to Malaysia tomorrow morning..huhuhuhu

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Atoks Spring Vacation-Day 12

Shopping@NiPPori TexTile Town
Rombongan Cik Kiah;)..thanks to TokTehPah(*^-^*)
The Non-Eatable ToMaTo;)

Macam kat bazar cina la..hehe

Sakura in NiPPori

For them:)
For Us;)
..and of course Atoks bought many more!:))