Thursday, 31 January 2008

Itaino Itaino Tondeke!!!!

Itaino itaino tondeke!!!!


Yatta!yatta!Majide tondeittekuretayo ne
Demo demo..mou nido to kuruna yo!

I'm back in action(*^-^*)
Ma,ashita gakkou ikeru kana??
Gamer's never changed v(^0^)v

P/S:A very Happy Belated Birthday to my eldest cousin brother-Bro.Syafiq Azim-(he's 23rd on 30/1/2008)
May Allah bless you and wishing you success in your future endeavours (^-^)d

Err..present nak yang ni ke?
..yang ni??

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Ma's Thought..

It's 3 o'clock in the morning and seeing me maintaining my body temperature at 39.5 degrees Celcius since 10pm last night really scared Ma.

Siapa tak takut bila dengar "bird flu" dan Ibu mana yang tak risau bila tengok anak tak nyenyak tidur dek termimpi-mimpi perkara yang bukan-bukan kan?
Arghhh....andai bisa ku ubah penyakitmu ke dalam diriku duhai Anakku...

Actually,being brought up as a happy-go-lucky Ma's little boy,it's been years since I last experienced my fever.Ma pon dah tak ingat...err..may be masa kat M'sia dulu kot?Wallahualam..and now I'm experiencing a tougher kind of fever which scares almost all the citizens of Japan and people around the world.

With face covered with mask(this is one of the preventions from flu),Ma kept on searching facts about "Tamiflu" and she found this link.

Japan has used more Tamiflu than any other country and has, accordingly, experienced the widest range of side-effects such as delirium, hallucinations and other abnormal behavior, such as aggression and suicidal thoughts.
Hah!itu yang membuatkan Ma tak boleh tidur tu!hmm...

Even if there's Pa sleeping beside me,she just can't let me sleep alone tonight.She knows that Pa should be very tired of working and yet he still has to go to work in another less than 5 hours.

Anyway,at least Ma could now imagine what would happen to birds when they have flu:P

Tuesday, 29 January 2008 Type A

This is not related to Integra Type R,nor Jaguar E-Type.But it's all about Influenza Type A virus,which I got from school yesterday.

I woke up as early as 5am this morning and called up for Ma.
MA:(No answer.Actually Ma slept at 2am this morning)
ME:Ma..okite..atsuiyo....(Ma,bangun la..Qayyim panas..)
MA:(Alhamdulillah!At last she heard me!)Gomen yo...doushitano?(Sorry sayang..kenapa ni?)
ME:Kimochi warui..atama ga itai..(Rasa tak sedap badan..sakit kepala..)
MA:Arghh..atsui jyan!!daijoubu?(Alamak!panasnya...Qayyim OK?)
ME:Atama ga itai yo...(Sakit kepala..)
MA:Wakatta..wakatta...chotto mattene..(Ye la!ye la!Tunggu kejap ye!)

..and my fever was at 38.5 degrees Celcius!

She immediately called up for Pa and they gave me some medicines which were kept in our stock.Alhamdulillah I could continue my sleeping but not for Ma.She was worried about me..huhuhu..

Actually I only knew that I was infected by this virus after seeing Dr."S" this evening.No wonder my fever returned and I was lacked of energy compared to afternoon time.MasyaAllah!Apakah ini?

Influenza exists in three different types,designated A, B, and C.While types B and C can infect humans,type A is responsible for most human influenza epidemics.You can read more on Influenza here
(Caution:The more you read about Influenza,the more you'll get scary!)

There're vaccines against influenza but unfortunately we didn't get the flu shots this year.Even sometimes the seasonal flu shot won't protect you from being infected by the virus.Inilah dugaan....

I also received a letter from my class teacher,Watanabe Sensei,telling that there're 6 of us who were absent from class today and we're all infected by the same virus!
Gosh!Sungguh ganas virus itu!
Anyway,I'll be at home for another 2-3 days,or may be over the weekends.And these are my pics...a sick me!

I'm s.i.c.k.
It's over 39 degrees,yet I could still smile to Ma:)
A tired face of mine.
Sleepy me..
Down to earth after taking Tamiflu@Oseltamivir

But I truly believe that...
"Segala bencana, penyakit, kesusahan atau kerunsingan yang menimpa tubuh badan atau akal fikiran seseorang mukmin adalah menjadi "Kaffarah" (penghapus) kekotoran dosa dan kesalahan orang yang ditimpa bencana itu.

Dan sesiapa yang menyifatkan bala bencana yang menimpanya sebagai nikmat dan menerimanya dengan reda akan mendapat balasan pahala daripada Allah,selain terhapus kekotoran dosa dan kesalahannya."

P/S:Sentiasalah redha dgn apa jua ujian yg mendatang dan pohonlah kekuatan agar tetap berada di jalanNYA dalam apa jua keadaan..Aja!Aja!Fighting!!

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Play Yuki=Snow(*^-^*)

The 5cm white snow,before "dicemari"..uhuhuhuhu
Snow ball which I brought back from school:P
Korekara hajimaruzou!!!Ooohhhhhhh!!!!
Yuki wo totte..
..sou!sou!yuki daruma wo tsukuruno;)
Jun-chan..reminding her of snow in Michigan,States?
Me again(^-^)/
and Maru-chan:)))
Maru-chan & Mei-chan
Let me lend you a helping hand;)
Nani tsukutenno??
Our play team:)
Time to break off the ice ball!
On the way back home after swimming class(^-^)/..rasa mcm ada kucing je berlengkar kat leher..uuuuhhhh..geli tapi kimochiiiiii

Tokyo's Snowing!!

It's snowing!it's snowing!!!
I'm sooooooooo happy today coz it's snowing!! last my dreams came true!yeah!yeah!!!
Actually Ma was about to bring me to skiing this Feb but the possibility's very low since we've to move out to a new place in Feb too..huhuhu...kenapa la Tokyo ni susah sangat nak snow??iskkk...
But never mind with that..coz I could touch the snow white now! word can describe my feeling!
Anyway these are some pics by Ma this morning..wait for my pics to come next huh!?Nantiiiiiiii...(^-^)/
Kodaira at 7:15am..
At 8:00am..
..and after a few minutes..

..dan sakura pun mula menjelma..

Monday, 21 January 2008

Vegetarian Dinner

Today Ma cooked Bibimbap@Bibinba,a famous Korean dish which she learned from our neighbour-Uncle An & Auntie I(YiRin-chan's parents).It was really easy to make,and really tasty even Ma didn't add in beef or gojuchang(we added in M'sian spicy to replace gojuchang)

Ke arah hidup yang sihat(*^-^*)I know Pa might not like this food(pssstt..Pa doesn't really like vegetables:P)but he should try it!

The Bibinba,ready to mix(^-^)/
Mix and mix and mix all together well..
..and try a little bit..
..umphh!it's GOOD!