Thursday, 29 May 2008

♪Happy Anniversary♪

Your anniversary marks the day
When you both said "I do."
The two of you became as one,
A marriage bright and new.

Now time has passed; your love is strong;
You passed the early test.
Your tender bond grows with passing time;
Your marriage is the kind that’s best!

☆Moga istana yang dibina kekal abadi selamanya,insyaAllah!☆
★Thanks Pa kerana sentiasa mengingati dan cukuplah sekadar ucapan serta kasih sayang yang kau curahkan selama ini★Ma yori(*^-^*)

P/S:Hisashiburini no "purikura"de koufun shichatta!uhuhuhuhu..oyabaka dane!

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Fina & I(*^-^*)

It's me!
And this is Baby Fina!
(Psstt...they said that we looked alike!Really??)
Tengok la pipi dia..geram kan?Bulat macam "angmang"..huhuhu..nak gigit je rasanya!Peha,badan macam Baby "Michelin" tu..fuhhh!!!Actually,Fina's already 8kg at her 5 mths old.Tu yang Ma surrender nak angkat dia..gomennne Fina-chan,walaupon Fina-chan nangis mintak Ma dukung tapi apakan daya...perut Ma pon dah makin berat ni:P
Alhamdulillah so far Fina-chan dah makin manja dengan our family.Biasanya Fina-chan akan balik rumah dia during weekends,and masa tu la terasa sangat kehilangan budak kecik yang selalu keryau-keryau menggamatkan suasana kat rumah kitorg ni..hehe..Fina oo Fina..sok dah besar ingat lagi ke tidak pada Abang IQ ni...
For your info.,last week was my school's/class's open day.Pa & Ma went to see my class on last Sunday,the day that Fina went back to her rumah in "G City".Alhamdulillah I did very well during the classes and presentations.Sampai Ma segan plak asyik dengar suara Izu-kun je dalam kelas tu..adededeh..over!(Aikawarazu dane anak Mama!)But rasanya the biggest influenced was my teacher-Wata.nabe Sensei.She's really a great veteran teacher!Selagi tak dengar suara kami semua selagi tu dia akan keep on asking..genkinaineeeeeee tte!

P/S:Ma called Auntie Yan just now(^-^)v...Suka la Arisa dah Abah Walid balik M'sia visit Baby Ameer.Btw,Baby Ameer masih kat ward sebab lung tak berapa kuat but Auntie Yan alhamdulillah OK..jahitan je la yang still kena jaga.Take care & get well soon ye(*^-^*)

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Woopss..Omedetou to Them Too(*^-^*)

Cerianya pengantin!!(*^-^*)I hope I'm not too late to wish Ma's's colleague,Auntie Kirah@CheYahChomel on her marriage last weekend.御結婚、おめでとうございます(^-^)v
Semoga berbahagia hingga ke anak cucu cicit etc etc.

And this is Uncle Faizi & Auntie Nabila,whom got married a few months ago but sorry to say that only today Ma realized that she didn't tell the world about you in my blog..
..Gomennasaine m(_ _)m.They're also Ma's's gangs and Uncle Faizi happened to be Ma's junior during primary school.And they also wore orange!Wooo...same like Auntie Kirah huh!?

Well,to Auntie Kirah & Uncle Husni and Uncle Faizi & Auntie Nabila,
"A marriage of two is for love that is true
A marriage of two is always something new
A marriage of two happens sometimes out of the blue
A marriage of two is worth it when it’s due
A marriage of two is a marriage of trust
They are only very few who have a clue of when love accrues
A marriage of two is about love making
It is not about money raking
You should only be glad if
A marriage of two is for love that is true.."

Omedetou to Auntie Yan(*^-^*)

I was at home today!yeahh!!cuti-cuti Jepun maaaaaa..

Ma received an e-mail from a friend of her in M'sia saying that,
utk mereka yang tak tau:
Just dapat sms dari along/yan..
dia dah bersalin 4:30am tadi, baby boy..
caesar jugak..3.34kg,53cm height..(tinggi tu!..)"

Wooo....omedetou Auntie Yan!!Ma plak yang excited dapat berita from Auntie Intan ni..thanks!!
For your info.,Auntie Yan ni member satu batch dengan Ma masa kat AAJ/UM dulu.And now they became good friends after reunited in Tokyo somewhere in 2006.
And I was closed to Arisa-chan,Auntie Yan's first daughter.Tak sabar nak tunggu Arisa balik Tokyo next August,bawak balik baby baru tuuu..alalalala..wendu aaaaaaaaaaa

P/S:Nama baby Auntie Yan@adik to Arisa Rena is "Ameer Ryuu"(gomen!not sure about the spelling)

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Taifu Sudah Maliiiii

Kuasa Allah!Tahun ni memang awal betul taifu@typhoon melanda kepulauan Jepun ni sebab selalunya bulan 6 ke atas,bersempena dengan datangnya musim panas,barulah berita mengenai taifu ni muncul di kaca tv.
Well,here in Koda.ira,it started to rain since yesterday evening until approximately 10am this morning.Alhamdulillah,after that Ma terus sidai baju kat luar sebab nak dijadikan cerita masa Baby Fina tengah "ohirune" tadi,dek lena sangat dibuai mimpi sedar-sedar pampers dah bocor!Adedededeh..kena la Ma mendobi segala-galanya..hehe!natsukashikatta!
And for me,I went to school as usual this morning,wearing my rain coat,rain boots and umbrella.And despite of fighting with the heavy rain and the strong wind,alhamdulillah I managed to arrive at school with Daisuke-kun and my other friends safely.And since the taifu was gone,I was thinking of going out and play with my other friends but Ma said I could only do it until 5pm because of the appointment with dentist at 5:30pm.Oh gosh!!!Matakayoooooooooo!!!Well,actually I learned a lot from friends.What Ma always remind me is to be sincere in friendship and never hurt your friends' feelings,coz Allah knows all and He'll reply me with the same challenge if I ever do that to my friends.InsyaAllah,I'll keep your words in my mind Ma and try not to frustrated you for I'm your big son and I'll prove to you that I can!

P/S:Yesterday I didn't go anywhere for I wanted to play with Baby Fina and it was really fun!Thanks Allah for your precious gift,although she's not here permanently.Bleh gak la menumpang kasih pada yang sudi(*^-^*)

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Absolute Boy.Friend@Zettai Kare.shi

This is what Pa & Ma use to watch every Tuesday night on Fuji TV.
Actually tak minat sangat la pon Mr. Hero,Haya.Mi Moko.Michi(tengkiu K.Hani..hehe!),tapi sebab dah biasa tengok dia dalam my favorite movie "Tokyo Tower-Ore to Okang,Tokidoki Otong-" last year and he was quite good.
Anyway,best gak citer "Absolute Boy.Friend" ni sebab pasal this girl-Riiko- yang nak sangat pakwe and dapat pakwe robot yang dia idam-idamkan walaupon beli dengan harga 10oku Yen by monthly installment...hehe!chou-takeiii!!!Nak baca dia punya sinopsis bleh gi kat sini or sini.Just imagine la kan kalau betul-betul wujud pakwe robot yang buat ikut spec yang kita nak..hooooo..sure masing-masing terfikir,"Dah cukup perfect cuma sayangnya kenapa la engkau robot wahai pakwe ku?"..ghee!The world must be crazy!

P/S:Love the theme song,"Okaeri" by Ayaka(if only you could hear the first song in this blog)

Baby Fina

HearYee..Hear Yee!!
This is Baby Fina whom Ma did mention in the previous entry.
Named as Nur Ifrina Sufina,she's Auntie Yanty's(Ma's old friend's)3rd daughter.
And at the age of 5 months,she was brought by Auntie Yanty to stay with her while she's pursuing her study here.But pity Baby Fina that nobody's willing to take care of her when Auntie Yanty goes to school as she only wants her Mom and will keep on crying from morning until Auntie Yanty comes back at 4pm!Kesian sungguh but how to do..what do you expect from a 5 months little baby right?
So now Ma's taking care of her walaupon Baby Fina nangis every minutes and seconds.Don't mind Ma..practise!practise!hehehe...gambare!

P/S:Gambar ni pon Ma
snapped masa Baby Fina tengah tido sebab asal bukak mata je dia nangis..
Adeh siannya anak...sabar je la nak ye!Bukan senang nak senang..ini hari kamu,siapa tahu esok hari kami pulak,wallahualam..

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Red & Yellow

Woppsss..AWAS!!What I mean with Red & Yellow is not for "Selangor's Merah-Kuning" team,but the Red Watermelon and Yellow "Roti Jala":)
Although it's not as red as M'sia's tembikai or known as "semangka"(ada sesapa yang panggil buah tembikai ni "semangka" gak ke?) by Pa ,an excellent source of Vitamin A & C,it tasted soooo sweet and enough to make Ma keep on thinking to get another one!Wait for her!!
And this yellow stuff is known as "Roti Jala",which Ma cooked on her birthday.The chicken?Owhh..that is so called M'sia's Chicken Curry.Sonang yo!

P/S:Pa,Ma kata tadi dia mimpi makan durian...ehem!ehem!takkan dalam mimpi je kot Pa??(^-^)v


After a few days of cold rain,today Ma's started growing her mini-tomato,received from Mei-chan's Mom(arigatou(*^-^*)),in our mini-garden.If you could still remember,last year we grew some juicy big tomatoes for our salad and they tasted really good!
And for the next agenda,she's looking forward for another plants but not like last year,she has to wait for Pa to buy them for her(Ma tak bleh naik beskal la!hehe..kalau tak dah penuh dah niwa kecik tu..)


P/S:Ma pindahkan mini-tomato ni kat atas tanah before Baby Fina datang!Hmm..sapa baby Fina tu ek?hehe..nanti Ma story to all ye(^-^)v

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

M is for the miracle of Being.
O is for its origin in love.
T is for the tenderness of seeing.
H is for a home no wind can move.
E is for the ecstasy of living.
R is for the recklessness of giving.

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms out there(^-^)/

Friday, 9 May 2008

Earthquake & U.F.O.

News 1:

"A fairly strong earthquake jolted wide areas of the Kanto and Tohoku regions in the early hours of yesterday.The temblor that struck at 1:45 a.m. registered lower 5 on the 7-point Japanese intensity scale in the Ibaraki Prefecture capital of Mito and Motegi, Tochigi Prefecture. It also measured 4 in wide areas of the Tohoku and Kanto regions including the Miyagi Prefecture city of Tome and Narita in Chiba prefecture.
The focus of the earthquake, which is estimated at 7.0 on the open-ended Richter scale, was located about 51 kilometers below the seabed off Ibaraki Prefecture.
According to police,there were no immediate reports of damage to property,however five people were slightly injured in Tokyo and two other prefectures."

Woo...actually Pa & Ma could feel the shakes twice on the same night.First was at 12:30am,while the second one was at 1:48am.And what made them felt weird was the shakes continued for approximately a few minutes and those scared feelings just couldn't be denied by both of them.Nauzubillah!Hanya kepadaMu Ya Allah kami memohon perlindungan..memang mengucap siap-siap masa tu.Lagipon memang dari zaman Pa & Ma degree dulu(90's) lagi dah ada banyak ura-ura dan berita yang mengatakan bahawa a big earthquake will jolt over Kantou Area one day...huhuhu..kowaine!

And this morning also,from the time Ma & I woke up until now,there were 3 moderate quakes at 7:36am,8:20am and 8:58am jolted Kantou Areas,according to the News Flash.Semuanya berasal dari Ibaraki Prefecture,same as above.Mula la Ma suspend sesorang kat rumah!


News 2:

Gempak!This morning kat tv besides news pasal earthquake tu,ada news pasal U.F.O. di TakaoSan,Hachioji City,Tokyo.Then ada la sorang PakCik Jepun yang dah lama buat research pasal U.F.O. ni,pegi visit tempat orang ambik gambar U.F.O.(mcm kat atas tu)kat atas Mount Takao.He said,memang boleh bau U.F.O. pon kat tempat tu!(huh!yo yo ooo je la PakCik ni..hehe!wallahualam la kan,there might be truth!)Dia kata kawasan gunung ni sesuai sangat sebab not very far from Tokyo and these "aliens" memang nak berhubung dengan manusia...hmmm..betol ke hah?Dah le earthquake banyak lately,U.F.O. plak tu..iskkkk!macam-macam adaaaaaaaaaa
Pastu newscaster ni tanya la kat PakCik ni,kalau jumpa alien ni nak buat apa?He said,tak payah lari..tunggu ja dia datang.HUH!!!bertuah!!!sapa sanggup!!!mau tak cukup tanah lari lintang pukang!hehehe..

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


My Dear Ma!

Ma,I loved you yesterday,I love you tomorrow and everyday.
You were there for me on my first day of school,to hold my hand and give me courage to go.
You listened to me when I needed to talk,you talked to me when I needed to listen.
You let me grow and learn from my own mistakes.
You never left my side when I was feeling down,I knew you would be there to pick me up.
I wish there was a way I could repay all the things you have done for me,but there's nothing great enough to repay the greatest mother of all.

♪Happy Birthday Ma♪

Monday, 5 May 2008


Same like last year,we had a BBQ today in spite of cold weather.
It was really great because Souma's parents were very kind and willing to make a Halal "yakitori" for us.Thanks!thanks!thanks!
Well,"yakitori" is grilled chicken speared on sticks.For your information,all different parts of the chicken,thighs,skin,liver, etc. can be used for yakitori.
The "yakitori"

Me & friends(^-^)v

Sunday, 4 May 2008


A new "Izakaya";a drinking place that offers a variety of small dishes,such as robata (grilled food),salads and finger food and probably the most popular restaurant type among the Japanese people;was opened recently not very far from our house.What I like most about this place is,it's more to family restaurant for it offers a variety of Japanese dishes in order to please all the family members.Also,while waiting for our turn,I met a few of my colleagues at the entrance too!
My fav. potato fries
Yum yummmm..(*^-^*)
Some of the dishes ordered
Prawn,my special request to Pa & Ma during that night:)
Uhhh...sedapnya ehhhhh!!
"Asari" Butter
Fried "Karei"
♪Perut kenyang,hati pon senang..lalalalala♪

Saturday, 3 May 2008

GW1-Nar.ita Airport & Sho.wa Hospital

There's no picture taken but I give you my word that all the memories stick strongly in my CPU(*^-^*)

At 6am on Saturday morning,Pa,Ma,Auntie Ira and I,departed for Tokyo Narita International Airport to fetch Auntie Ira's family who came all the way from Malaysia.★ようこそいらっしゃいませ★We reached at the airport after approximately 2 hours on board and there Auntie Ira's family were waiting for us patiently.Sorry guys for being late!Banyak accident kat jalanraya tadi m(_ _)m Anyway,it was a great pleasure to meet Auntie Ira's cute daughters,Puteri Michiko Fatihah@Chiko & Puteri Noriko Jannah@Noriko(tudiaaaa..nama pon dah Jepun habissss..hehe!)これからもどうぞよろしくね(*^-^*)
We finally arrived home at noon and soon after that,Pa,Ma & I continued our journey to visit our Indonesian friend,Auntie Endang,who gave birth to her 3rd baby on the Labor Day at Showa Hospital,Kodaira City.Named as "Hana Sofina",the cute and healthy little girl weighing 3.4kg is surely being the most adorable daughter among the 3 kids(she has 2 brothers-Akbar & Hassan).Actually Ma was curious to see the Hospital environment and ward since she's also planning for a "5 days vacation" at the same hospital this coming Sept..ghee!Well,alhamdulillah the ward is new and seems very convenient.So,insyaAllah I'm 99.9999% confident that Ma'll proceed with her A Plan(^-^)v
Anyway,that was how we spent our first day of GW@Golden Week for this year.Nothing much to be impressed about but still worth to be remembered (^-^)/ COOL!!

Friday, 2 May 2008

Kesian Atok!

Cilok dari sini

Last few days Pa ada tepon Atok kat M'sia.Then Atok dok citer la pasal harga beras yang naik melampau2..hmm..sian Atok!
Awat la depa ni dok kerja penaik harga ja ni?sedangkan yang alami krisis nya tu bukan M'sia pon,tapi negara-negara yang totally import beras dari negara lain...iskk..iskk..iskkk..pasni pakat2 tanam padi sendiri la nampak gayanya..ataupon kurangkan makan nasik,makan buboq ja..Pa kata makan sayoq!..elok gak la..bleh kawal tahap kalori..aminnnn!
Dan lagi satu,jangan salahkan rakyat M'sia kalau kadar jenayah semakin tinggi,gara-gara semua ambil cara mudah untuk mendapatkan wang..hmm...siapa sanggup hidup dalam keadaan tertekan kan?Ohhh Malaysia tanahairku yang tercinta..