Friday, 30 November 2007

Pity Me:(

-pic. by myself-

ME:Mama,kondo no kayoubini boku no gakkou ni kitene!
(Mama,minggu depan hari Selasa datang sekolah Qayyim ye!)

MA:Gomen..Mama mo gakkou ga aru kara ikenainoyo..
(Sorry..Mama pon kena pergi sekolah jugak..sebab tu tak dapat pergi)

ME:Ehhhhhhhhhh...Mama zuruiiiiiiii..doushite itsumo boku no jugyou ni mini korenaino?
(Ehhhhh...Mama tak aci!!Kenapa selalu tak dapat datang tengok kelas Qayyim?)

MA:Izu-kun,Mama no me wo mitechoudai.Gomenne.Rainen chanto ikukara.Kotoshi wa Mama mo seiippaidayo..
(Qayyim,tengok mata Mama kejap sayang.Sorry dear..Mama akan pastikan Mama pergi tengok kelas Qayyim tahun depan.Tahun ni memang Mama sibuk..)

ME:Yakusokushitene!(Janji ye!)
MA:Hait..hait..hait..wakattayo..( faham..)
ME:Ja,wakatta!Mama ga ikenai nara shouganai yo neeee..hehehehe(OK,faham!Memang tak boleh buat apa la kan kalau Mama tak dapat datang...hehehe)

I'm sad!because it wasn't much fun without either Ma or Pa.But I know Ma too had to take a difficult decision.It was not that she didn't come to see me presenting at all,but the ones I liked and enjoyed the most always happened to be conducted either on Tuesday or Wednesday,the day which Ma had to attend her classes.
So somehow,not like my other friends,I should and slowly understand that my mother is also a student and she goes to school like me too.CHEERIO(*^-^*)

"No one has yet realized the wealth of sympathy, the kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure.-Emma Goldman-"

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Little Ch.ef(251107)

Ma's not a professional cook,but for her cooking is a passion(erk!?).Surprisingly she would rather try on simple menu(s) whenever she's busy with her assignments or in a hundred I guess!Same like updating blogs too.She'd do it very often when the datelines somehow killing her tenderly! weird!But I think at least we must note that this kind of people also exists;)

So,back to my story,last Sunday Ma taught me how to make cheese cake.The making was so easy and no need to cook!!The taste?Well,I enjoyed the taste but you know,actually I don't really like other than butter cakes or chocolate cakes..errr..may be?

-Work In Progress-

Take a break,have a kit-kat:)
Little Ch.ef's lunch
After a few hours of freezing
And here's my first attempt..not bad huh?!
Little Ch.ef's after dinner's activity..(continue eating..hehe!)
Udang masak sos
Asam pedas ikan Aji
..which made Little Ch.ef totally ignored the Mamarazzi:P

Sunday, 25 November 2007

My 2nd Autumn in Ko.dai.ra

My Dear Autumn@Aki-chan,

I just want you to know that you are one of my most unforgettable memories through out my life in Japan.And this year too,Ma thought of snapping pictures at the same venue and she really did on our way back from soccer tournament:P

Being one of my favorite times of the year,you bring a close to the heat of summer and remind me that winter's chill is at the doorstep.Whereas for some people,you,unlike any of the other three months,make them so willing to just simply sit in a chair,stare out the window,and think...see how wonderful you are!

Gosh!I could still remember picking the reddish momiji and throwing the yellowish ginko leaves onto my head,pretending to bath in the trees,during your last visit.That's why if you ask me how much do I love you?Then my answer would be, "A Lot!".

Last but not least,although days get shorter and cooler,while the nights get longer during your visit,I'll still be waiting for you in the next guide me searching for what happiness consists of,instead of looking for the meaning of life(*^-^*).

Lotsa Love,
IQ,the Summer Boy(^-^)/

Autumn in Ko.dai.ra-2007-
Autumn in Ko.dai.ra-2006-

P/S:Last night Ma received an SMS from Mak Ngah which read:
"Salam,Ngah Wahab meninggal ptg td.Kami otw nak blk now.."
for Arwah Tok Ngah Wahab,who passed away peacefully on Saturday afternoon due to lung cancer.It was indeed,another shocking news for us in this autumn:(


Bowling is great, isn't it? I haven't been bowling in a very long time.I think Ma & Pa brought me to some bowling alley in Nilai Spring a few years back.
Know what makes bowling even better?Yup,the STRIKES!I can usually get quite a few strikes even with no skills whatsoever!
But it still is quite fun! :) Especially together with Ma & Pa:P
Well,eventually this happened to be their first bowling in 4 years.(Psstt!no wonder they deserved the b.a.d. scores huh?huhuhuhu..)

With my teammate
Ready to go..

The final score.Well,I was not very far from Ma & Pa:P
Went downstairs after finished many games huh?doushiyou??mayocchauuuuu
Pa did the one he used to like in his early years:P
At last I decided to play a race horse with Pa;)
Go big boysssss!!!

Soccer Tournament(241107)

Dear Coaches,Players and Soccer fans,

I would like to extend a large thank you to all those who came out and shared the First Grader's soccer tournament with us!
Congratulations to all the teams and a big thank you to all the soccer moms and organizers who helped bring everything together.Even though we lost to the other teams,but excitements were there.I could learn a lot through out the games and hoping for a better achievement in the next year.

Thanks again(^-^)/

Kodaira Rainbows-No.93-

Saturday, 24 November 2007

PotLuck Party(231107)

Yesterday's Pot Luck Party was fun,although many of Block D members couldn't join.During the first half,I played kakurenbou@Hide-And-Seek together with Mei-chan and Yirin-chan,while in the second half I played "Darumasan-Ga-Koronda" with the other RA sisters & brother.They're all nice and very good cooks too(*^-^*)
Boku no namae wa Izu Kaimu dessssssss
Hayaku kakureyou...dokonishiyoukana??
Ark!Asoko ni dare ka iru mitaiyo...huhuhuhu