Friday, 29 May 2009

Happy 10th AnniverSary,Pa & Ma(*^-^*)

Today is my parents' 10th wedding anniversary.Congratulations to both of you,Pa & Ma!

Pa and Ma have been a couple since 1994 and they've been together since then.
To Pa,from Ma;"I love the life I have and I look forward to more years with you and our kids.Happy Anniversary Dear.."

Monday, 25 May 2009

Tag Heuer:P

Ma has been tagged by Aunty Yan
Sankyu,Yan!ahaks..shukudai,chanto yatteruzou!!hehe..
Well,here you go:
1: copy badge"2009 CUTE'S BLOGGER AWARD"untuk letakkan diblog anda.

2: Link/ceritakan kembali siapa yang memberikan award ini kepada anda?
Aunty Yan ler yang kasik;)
She is Ma's friend since 1995,while they were doing Japanese Language at AAJ,UM.Believe me if I tell you that Aunty Yan & hubby are staying in Japan since then,until now and nobody knows..:)
Well,time flies and our families became close to each other.Korekaramo douzo yoroshikune!

3: Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan beberapa fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya (anda di tag).
1)Finished MBA in 4/2008,got preggy to Chara and became full time housewife since then:P
2)Loves cooking dishes in spite of being a dummy in baking cakes,making breads and desserts(err..I'm PRO at eating them!tehehehhe..)
3)Loves to do housework and feels very much comfortable after finishes them all in the early morning.
4)Likes window shopping(at times)but am crazy for outdoor activities lately.
5)Can't wait for M'sia hols!!!yippieee!!
Udah udah ler tu eh??;)

4: Anda perlu memilih 6 pemenang award seterusnya dan menyatakan pada mereka diblog anda....
Aunty Hana,Aunty Hani,Aunty CheYah,Aunty Zura,Aunty Syde & Aunty Hanny

And this one is a pressie from Aunty Ros,long time ago!Sorry for the delay..Ma lupo!:P

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Weekend Getaway-PI

We went to mandi sungai last weekend..yes!already maaaa!
And that was one of our last minute plans,as usual..tehehehehe;)
Anyway,many thanks to dearie Uncles and Aunties.You guys are really great!!!I loikeeee..(*^-^*)
The white bridge across blue river..hohoho
The MazDa(s) and HonDa(^-^)v
Chara & Amir Ryu..
The busy lil' GoldFish Aqil Amani..tehehehe!
Lone ranger,during the 1st half;)
I just love it!
The 3 of us..unfortunately this one happened to be our last pic for the day since Ma totally forgot to recharge the digicam's battery!KORRA!!!!

And our journey always end up with the best part..GoTemBa!!!ahaks!


I'm into the camera lately,and Chara will always be my favourite model:)Look at the way she smiles and laughs!Oh day is blessed with them!ihiks!
Happy Chara(*^-^*)
Chara's hair can be tied up already la!
Extremely happy and "comot" Chara(^-^)
Oh nooo!!Stop it Abang!!
Looking Up Chara..
Chubby Chara;)
Chara likes to push the red button and switch off the fan!
Lazy Chara:)

Thursday, 14 May 2009

All in O.N.E.(^-^)v

It's been quite sometimes since Ma last updated my blog and there were a few events took place in May.And still there's some more coming on board!Check it out!!(^-^)v

2/5/2009-4/5/2009(Saturday-Monday@Golden Week hols)
We went to Niigata Prefecture@Urasa&Nagaoka City,for our golden week getaway.A very nice and quiet "kampung" trip,yet still looking forward to visit more and more!Maybe for skiing again,who knows?ahaks!
Traffic jammed on KanEtsu Highway..*sigh*
Niigata,here I come!!
Aunty Yanti,Fia-chan & Fina-chan..many thanks to them for the warm hospitality(*^-^*)
Chara & Pa:)

Me:Pa,Hokkaido ni ittakoro aruno?(Pa,pernah pergi Hokkaido?)
Pa:Aruyo,mukashi..Mama to(Pernah,dulu..dengan Mama)
Me:Ek..Mamatte Papa no kanojo dattano?(Ehh..Mama tu Papa punye makwe ye?)
Pa:Soudayo!nande?(Ye la,kenapa?)
Me:Eee..doushite Mama nano?Mama tte kowai onnajanaino?(Eee..kenapa Mama?Mama tu bukan garang ke?)
P/S:Ma bursts into BIG laugh when Pa told her our conversation:P
And the other day,I found this..something that made me understand the feeling of someone called "Mother"..

A mother can be any size ...or age,
But won't admit to being over thirty.
A mother has soft hands and smells good.
And doesn't like the kids being dirty,
Nor having her children sick,
Nor bad report cards,nor muddy feet,
Nor temper tantrums,nor loud noise,
Nor kids that aren't neat.
A mother likes new dresses and a clean house
Especially the loo,
She likes her children's kisses,an automatic washer
Oh,and Pa,I suppose,too..
A mother can cook good dishes and desserts,
But spends a lot in the vegetable aisle.
A mother can kiss sad little faces,
And make them smile.
A mother is underpaid,
Does long hours and gets very little rest.
She worries too much about her children
And wants,for them,the best!
She is the guardian angel of the family
The queen bee,
The tender caring hand.
And is loved,very me

Happy Birthday,Ma!!

Happy Mother's Day to Ma(again!).May is really your month huh!

For all that you have given me,
I can return but love. For you
Bound up the wounds I did not see
And gave me hopes and passions new.
I can return but love for you,
Whose unmoved faith my heart did move,
And gave me hopes and passions new,
And loved me till I turned to love.
Whose unmoved faith did my heart move?
The mother of my heart, not blood,
Who loved me till I turned to love.
And I became the soul I would.
The mother of my heart, not blood,
Bound up the wounds I did not see.
And I became the soul I would
For all that you have given me.

Alhamdulillah,without any failed,Chara is 8 months today!
And being one of those SalinDah's babies,she's very active and Ma said she's not so much different compared to me;)
-She creeps a lot,and if needed she'll even crawl towards to the attractive objects:)
-She likes to explore objects by shaking them,banging them,dropping them,and throwing them before falling back on the tried-and-true method of gumming them.
She's also fascinated with toys that have specific functions,such as phones!Yahh..she always show great enthusiasm in phone calls especially from Pa during his lunch break:)And of course she too will pretend to have a conversation with Pa!
-She likes to see things fall down,get picked up (by us,of course),and then get thrown down again.She really likes to see it again and again,which sometimes come to my head!Grrrr...
-At times she's afraid of things she can't understand.Even things that didn't bother him before,like a ringing doorbell or voices of singing birds,may frighten him.Pa & Ma realized it last week when we brought her to a pet shop and suddenly she cried out loudly at the moment we entered the shop.Goshh!!All we could do was hugged her tightly to comfort and reassure her.
Chara,yang tomott;)
IIQ,in her QuinNy Zapp(^-^)v
Chara,in the car:)

Friday, 1 May 2009

Smiling Chara(^-^)

Chara's showing her petite lil' teeth(*^-^*)
Chara's naughty smile;)

Today's poor lil' Chara..
She has fever this morning but luckily recovering very well after some medication.
P/S:..sWine flu..sWine flu..go away!go away!!

I'm Into PlantS(^-^)v

Not only me,but Ma & also would be into plantS whenever it comes to spring.
Here are some that we have in our tiny garden:)
Ma's "Weather-Shocked" LemonGrass:P
The EggPlant
Mini Tomato
My StrawBerry(tahun depan la kot baru bleh kutip hasil..ahaks!)
My SunFlower