Thursday, 17 June 2010


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
I begin with "...السلام عليكم" to all friends,brothers & sisters out there:)
At last,after more than half-a-year hibernating from blogging,here I am back on air,for good or for bad;not my power either(^-^)v
To start with,err...errr..before that frankly speaking,I feel BAD...TOO BAD!I really missed my own real life..tehehehe
Yahh..I did visit here for several times but with no even-a-lil'-bit-of-self-motivation;neither to update on my new stories nor to change its "horrible" layout(actually,Ma,without guilty "played" with the layouts and she turned them into a kor.ean-not-so-cute layouts which she herself hated it so much!!!sorry to say:((..huhu)
Well,now you see,since Ma's writing mood has arisen "wonderfully"(Ma'll start to blogging whenever she's UPSIDE-DOWN..haha..funny huh?!),I'd like her stay on this blog,hoping that she'll continue to update some of my(and Chara's) progress and so on..آمين


CheYahChomel said...

besaq dah la 2 beradik nih....awat yg ma jd penyegan sgt tuh?

nih...tiap2 hari ma masak ka dak? aunty x masak dah sbb kena pi keja kediri dh la nih...hehehe

Izz Qayyim said...


jadi penyegan la dah ada fesbuk:P

masak?musti mawww..tak kalu apa maw mamam..bukan ada kedai mamak joi roti canai ka seberang jalan depan ghumah..shouganaine!;)tunggu la dia balik mesia esok2 dia pencen la tu masak:Phikhik