Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Gambare Nippon!!!!

Do you watch WC2010??
I do,because my favorite OkadaJapan Team is playing(^-^)v
And tonite they'll be playing against ParaGuay..
Go Nippon!!!

-Di mana bumi dipijak,di sana langit kita junjung-


東京美女 said...

mou maketa...huhuhu
jom sokong Espania...yg dah hentam itu Porotugaru....hahaha

lina said...

Too bad they didn't move on... but there's always next WC! :)

Anyways, in this household, we are behind Netherlands all the way! Go ORANJE!

KakNi (CikNi Ahnie) said...

Hi mama IQ&IIQ2, lama nyer dah x dtg jengok di sini? Hope everything is on top of the world there...