Friday, 18 June 2010

Not All Good News(◡‿◡✿)

When I hear somebody sigh, "Life is hard", I am always tempted to ask, "Compared to what?" - Sydney J. Harris

Hmm..recently I realize that I heart the upper quote "jelly-much"(♥‿♥)
You know what I mean?*jeng jenggg*
No lahhh..not that bad actually..tehehe(✿◠‿◠)
Owhh yah!Read here for our family's rough update throughout Dec2009 until now

I am in Grade 4(Darjah 4 la tu:))since April this year and enjoying every minutes and seconds at my so called The Japnese Elemen.tary Play-School(I bet..they're no tougher than M'sia's ones).Anyway,I quit my swimming class at KONAMI,after almost finishing the Best Swimmer Class,with a BIGGGGGG FATTT HOPE
(♥‿♥)(Ma..can I?can la..can laaa)*wink*wink*
Ha!The prouder I am to announce that I managed to finish off my Iqra'(akhirnya!!alhamdulillah...syukran)

Hmm..what else happened huh??

Urghh..well,actually I'm not into the probs,I forgot all!walla...big claps to Izz Qayyim(✿◠‿◠)
Anyway,should there be any,I'll surely update to you later...don't cry babeh..haha!

I tell you..Chara is already 1 year & 9 months,and she can really talk! her okay(*^-^*)
Some of her favs are:PurPle(as in Apple),NaNaNa(she really hearts "banana"),oishii..kawaii..kowaii..and some more children songs(she also has her own dancing steps,which Ma named them as "Chara's Kuda Kepang Dance":))
But the more she's with me,the more I realized that she couldn't barely stand the hot weather!!Had her runny nose and fever,after not experiencing it for more than a year,she just couldn't resist it!OMG..camno la nanti kalau balik M'sia..huhu

They seemed super quiet around here but believe me,Ma(spashly)'s been keeping extremely busy in her so-called FB territory:)
She seemed happy and enjoy every minute of FBing,keeping in touch with her gold-old-times'-long-lost-friends and relatives,though without notice sometimes do hurt her:P (blurghhh!!haha..)
While Pa is walking on his toughest path ever.Be strong Pa!I know you will..insyaAllah!
Anyway,both of my parents have had a long time consider on their "new possibilities",which they believe it will be best for our small & happy family,insyaAllah!

Although at times they feel like going far-far-away..escaping!!!which is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE..haha..what la!
Well,couldn't blaming someone for the pain they've gone thru and now that no matter how painful and how sad they can be, life is life and there are ups and downs.

Last but not least,to Pa & Ma,hang in there coz you still have Chara and I *hugssss*

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