Friday, 18 June 2010

Welcome Baby Cousins(*^-^*)

On June 7,2010,MakCik(Ma's younger bro.'s wifey)gave birth to a baby girl.Weighing exactly the same as my lil' Chara@3560gram,she's very adorable and PakCik named her Eisya Nur Imani(see!she also has the "E-Money" in her name..haha)

Also,on April 14 & 22,my everdearest aunties(Pa's younger sists.)-also called "MakCik" & MakUda gave birth to their 3rd & 2nd baby.Welcome to the clan dearest Muhammad Adam Raif & Nur Raysha Marissa(^-^)v

OMG!!I just can't wait!!They really made me getting more anxious to going back to M'sia!!!
Imanie vs Imani (✿◠‿◠)

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